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Entry #56 was posted on April 25th, 2012.
It has the description "56".
In total, this Entry is 5:59 long.

Alex and Tim walk into an abandoned hospital, while scouting for locations and examining possible film sites. Tim, at various intervals, has mild coughing fits. Alex does not like any of the locations given and is asking Tim to move all over the hospital. Tim then excuses himself for a moment, and accidentally leaves his camera pointed backwards. Tim walks behind a wall, and begins talking to Alex. Alex then picks up a stick and attacks Tim behind the wall, and Tim goes silent. The camera falls down, and The Operator is standing nearby. There is heavy distortion, then The Operator disappears. Alex walks in front of the camera, holding the stick, then he walks off camera. Tim is then heard coughing.

Main Theories and Observations

  • When entering the building, a graffiti "S" can be seen above the door and to the left, like the 'S's in TTA videos and the S seen at the red tower.
  • Simultaneous to Alex throwing down the his stick at 5:27, what looks like a square of copper sheet metal falls or is thrown in front of the camera.
  • Tim coughs during the video. This could be cause by slender sickness or smoker's cough.
  • This most likely occurs the day before entry 51. Tim could've been trapped in the hospital until the next day, when Brian found him sitting in the corner. It is unclear why Tim was still there.
  • A slender symbol can be seen at 3:02.
    • When Tim walked in, it looked as if Alex was looking at it.
  • Entry #57 confirmed that it was indeed a piece of pipe or rebar that was used to knock Tim out.
  • Graffiti saying "Bones" can be seen above the door at 1:42. "Bone" was spray painted inside of Brian's home, as seen in Entry 16 at 3:08.

Further Speculation

Tim mentions a basement in the building. Could this be the basement that Seth and Alex visit in Entry 22?
Also, Alex mentions another building "across the way" which could potentially be the building Brian is attacked in in Entry 51, as the building in this entry is definitely a different building. ~scarl18

It seems like the camera i beeing pushed causing it to fall, and later when alex drops the pipe at the spot The Operator was standing it falls straight in front of the camera, suggesting a teleport. is it possible the operator pushed the camera from where he was standing? and if so, did he in fact want to be seen? ~Dentei999

What was Alex staring at distractedly at 2:59? Could it have been the Operator symbol on the wall? Perhaps this was what he was looking for while scouting through the whole building because it symbolizes something?

—It does look as if Alex is staring through the camera at the Operator symbol on the wall around 2:59, and it is right after that that the visual tearing starts in this entry. It seems like Alex is using the symbol here as a mandala, to focus his mental energy on the Operator, but specifically through his camera. Maybe this is what summons him? The visual tearing is coming from the camera Tim is carrying, though, so I guess the Operator affects any camera in his vicinity. ~elford

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