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Entry #55 was posted on April 9th, 2012.
It has the description "55".
In total, this Entry is 4:01 long.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The buildings are the same ones seen in the totheark entry program. This could suggest that totheark was there when Brian, Alex and Tim were.
  • They are filming Brian near a pool. In the entry when Seth disappears, they appear to be shooting in a dilapidated pump room.

Further Speculation

If these videos of Tim's were really back when Marble Hornets was still being filmed - and judging by how calm-natured Alex is acting, and how goofy he was acting in the previous entry - then it seems that Tim was the one who had this kind of Operator "infection" of sorts, before any of the others. Is it possible that Tim gave it to Alex, just like Alex gave it to Jay? Maybe Tim's whole Masky persona and seizing-fit from Entry #18, is the result of long-time exposure to the Operator, and that's what we can expect out of Alex and Jay? So, it goes:

1.) Coughing, headaches, trouble sleeping, paranoia.
2.) Extreme paranoia, even to the extent of hallucinations - Alex murdered that stranger in the tunnel, thinking it was Jay.
3.) Mild-schizophrenia - Tim's "Masky."
4.) Seizures, during over-exertion.

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