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Entry #54 was posted on March 25th, 2012.
It has the description "54".
In total, this Entry is 7:00 long.

Main Theories and Observations

  • In present day, Tim mentions that he is "not the movie guy". On the footage from the tape Tim tells Alex, "You're the movie guy".
  • The silos seen at 2:43 appear to be the same silos seen in the Introduction.
  • Seth, the cameraman from Entry 9 and Entry 22, appears in this video.

Further Speculation

Tim having used Alex's camera, catching the Operator at least once, means we know for certain that all 3 of the Marble Hornets cast who were known victims and Amy used his camera shortly before they were (apparently) victimized. Seth, Brian, Amy, now Tim. Jay also used Alex's camera, though he seems to have only taken Alex's chest cam, which was a different camera to the ones the others used. Jessica also doesn't seem to have used Alex's camera, but we don't know if she had any contact with the Operator. ~mytyde

When he appears at 5:27 the camera man could not see the Operator/Slender Man, as stated by Noah Vanderwood AKA Whisku. This has happened several times like in Entry 11 for example. Throw in all the "possible" and "probable" Slender Man sightings through the series then it seems a little odd that he can be out in the open but go unnoticed. I don't want to bring up any new theories with it being so late in the series but can he somehow evade that? ~ Seraph825

The Operator, besides the fact that actual movement appears to have been observed, moved much faster than what was anticipated. - Zero

At 5:27, whoever was holding the camera didn't see the Operator. Maybe he wasn't looking into the room, merely swinging the camera around his body so it could face forward. - Noah Vanderwood AKA Whisku.

The possible reason as to why the first tape cut out was because The Operator's shadow could be seen stepping into the room as seen on the door right at the end; this could be Tim's and Brian's first encounter with The Operator.

The tape was likely filmed before Entry 20, because Tim seems to not have his cough and pain medication seen in said entry. This is probably between the time Alex started constantly filming himself, and Entry 9, when Alex's personality was altered by the paranoia caused by the Operator

If the Operator was so close to the crew, why didn't he (assuming its a he) just murder or do whatever he does to them? Was he biding his time? ~ og1764

Unlike in other entries, audio distortion does not start until the camera directly points at the Operator. Could this mean the Operator was weaker at this point? ~ Boston Meyers

  • There is a clear Operator sighting at 5:25-5:26 ~mytyde
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