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Entry #53 was posted on March 10th, 2012.
It has the description "53".
In total, this clip is 8:27 long.

Jay had to wait several weeks for the store he saw Tim walking out of to reopen. He talks to an employee who tells him that she remembered Tim mentioning something about going to a clinic. Jay spends several days waiting at the entrance of a nearby clinic until he finally sees Tim. Tim does not seem to remember Jay at all, and he makes no references to the Masked Man. Jay asks Tim if they can talk later, claiming that he wants to talk to Tim about finishing Marble Hornets. Later, Jay is walking across a wooden bridge when he receives a call from Tim. Tim tells Jay that he still has tapes of behind the scenes footage that he filmed with Alex during the original filming of Marble Hornets. He says he will give the tapes to Jay.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Tim gave no indication that he remembered being the Masked Man. He either forgot somehow, or he is hiding information from Jay
  • Tim coughs several times throughout the video
  • Minor audio distortion can be heard when Tim coughs at 4:21
  • Minor Video Tearing at approximately 5:15

Further Speculation

"The brain can do a lot of weird things, particularly when pain is involved. Provided the limp is a pain issue and not a structural one, if the Masky persona is locked up in Tim somewhere, it's possible the limp is locked up with it. That explanation wouldn't even be much of a stretch."~tijde in response to Tim's limp(or lack thereof)

"Entry #15 - Jay interviews Tim about MH. Tim goes home, remembers he has some MH tapes, watches them, becomes Masky, tackles Jay in Entry #18 or so.
Entry #53 - Jay talks to Tim about MH. Tim goes home, remembers he has some MH tapes and calls Jay about them…. watches them, becomes Masky again?"~Foood

"I noticed that Tim assumed that Jay had his phone number when they were exchanging information. Why would that be? If Tim barely remembers Jay, why would he assume that Jay had his number?"~Septembre

"Why wasn't Tim more suspicious? If he really did loose his memory then why wouldn't he wonder how Jay just so happened to come to the same town as him? And why he just so happened to be outside of his health clinic? With a camera. And then for Jay to still be outside when he walked out? Plus, how long has it been since Jay first talked to Tim about continuing Marble Hornets? Why wasn't he wondering why Jay dropped it only to randomly pick it up again?
I think Tim remembers. I'm not sure why he was pretending not to though."~Bubblymuerte

"At around the 1:00, you can see a man behind Jay as he looks through the window, this may be totheark when he was filming Jay in Reminder" - ericdude567

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