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Entry 52 was posted on November 13th, 2011.
It has the description "The last tape".
In total, this clip is 14:33 long.

Alex leads Jay and Jessica to a house in the woods, where he tells them he has something to show them. He then proceeds to pull a gun on them, but Masky jumps out and attacks him. Jay and Jessica run away, and a gunshot can be heard. They find a hotel to stay at, but while they're settling in Jay hears a scream from Jessica's room. He tries to get in, but to no avail. He turns and sees the Operator standing in his room. Jay appears to run at the Operator, and then the clip cuts out. There are other shots of Jay on the ground and from the chest camera after this, and various shots from a car. The finale shot that is shown is of Tim, walking down the street and acting normal.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Perhaps Alex commanded the Operator to fuck with Jay & Jessica or he simply informed it that they were threats. ~mytyde
  • It seems obvious that the Operator has the ability to erase memories. Perhaps Alex goes to the Operator to forget things. Perhaps he's trapped by guilt. ~mytyde
  • It seems probable now that Alex was the one who discharged the bullet casing found in the house. ~mytyde
  • There is some debate as to whether Jay attacked the Operator at 10:30 or if he was somehow sucked toward it.
  • Through the muffled audio, the phrases, "What do you want?!" and, "Leave us alone!" can be heard at 10:27. This could indicate that Jay was yelling at The Operator, causing him to run and attempt to attack it.

Further Speculation

  • Amy's use of Alex's camera seems to have summoned the Operator in an earlier entry. Perhaps Jay summoned the Operator by using Alex's camera.
  • This video could be used as evidence that Masky is trying to protect Jay.
  • There's something that annoys me about what Jay says towards the end, about trying to find out what happened to Jessica and Alex. We know from the tapes he found in the safe that he has Jessica's phone number, he knows where Alex's appartment is, and that he has the key. So why would he head out with no real goal and just happens to see Tim. Somehow, I don't think this is a coincidence. And where has Jay been these few months while he's been uploading these tapes. It feels disjointed, as if Jay has been whatching/uploading these tapes and waiting for something to happen, instead of doing it himself. Perhaps he was waiting for ToTheArk to post something useful or perhaps he was waiting for another "anonymous tipoff" Something about the whole situation sees a bit off, as if there is something Jay hasnt been telling us.

Or perhaps i'm just paranoid? Isn't paranoia a sign of Slender Sickness though? The SIR.

  • I think that all Masky and ToTheArk do is go after whomever poses the greatest threat to the Operator or whatever their goals are. In the beginning, like in Entry 18 and 19, Masky attacks Jay and ToTheArk's entries are cryptic and frightening. However, in later entries, Masky ignores Jay and attacks Alex, whereas ToTheArk's entries are more helpful. Perhaps the goal of the masked men is to keep other people away from whoever the Operator is targeting. In the beginning, the Operator was targeting and stalking Alex, so the masked men kept Jay away, but now the Operator stalks Jay, so the masked men keep Alex away. Just a thought. -echelion
  • Jay most likely didn't run towards the Operator because the camera was kept surprisingly steady and was moving quickly. He was most likely walking towards the Operator and began to run at it and attack but was pulled toward it.


  • Has anybody suggested that the camera itself had been sucked in by the Operator and not Jay? Taking into account how the Operator has been able to indirectly take control and move about using cameras, I would think so. It would explain the sudden zooming in on the Operator, which I think Jay could not have made. ~NobodyIP
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