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Entry 51 was posted on October 12th, 2011.
It has the description "51".
In total, this clip is 8:55 long.

Alex and Brian are doing filming for Marble Hornets by rail-road tracks in a forest. They then move to an abandoned building and Alex films more footage of Brian. The Operator appears and the footage distorts. The footage restarts with the camera on the ground. Brian picks up the camera and searches the building and calling for Alex, who is nowhere to be seen. Brian discovers Tim coughing uncontrollably in the corner of a room. The Operator appears in the doorway and the footage freezes again. The camera is once again on the ground and a body is seen being dragged out the door of the room. Someone then picks up the camera and leaves the building.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The person who picks up the camera right after (presumably) Brian is dragged off-screen is wearing the same pants and unique shoes as in entry 50. At 7:22 it can be seen that his left shoe is laced with black laces while his right is laced with white.
  • If Alex did not give this tape to Jay, perhaps there are other tapes from the filming of Marble Hornets that Alex kept.
  • Alex's voice sounds nervous and uncertain in some parts when talking to Brian.
  • This one of the four entries where more than one person meets the operator, other examples are Entry 46 Entry 26 and Entry 12.

Further Speculation

  • Even though it is not confirmed whether or not The Operator is able to change its height or if it stays the same height, here we can see that it is very tall indeed. At the 5:24 mark, the camera distorts and The Operator is seen to be standing almost right next to Brian for a frame. Brian's head is only about as tall as the bottom of The Operator's 'tie'. ~ Enquirer
  • At 6:19 it sounds distinctly like there's a gun being loaded. Perhaps Alex shot him with it. The question would be, then, why wouldn't he have just shot Tim last night? ~mytyde
  • Brian wasn't looking at the Operator as he approached. This could be irrelevant or could be a clue as to how the Operator 'operates'.
  • If Alex led Brian here to be taken by the Operator, it is likely that Entry 22 was the same situation except with Seth.
  • "Where's Seth at?" "We came out here yesterday, but he wasn't feeling too good so he stayed home today"

I think from this it's safe to assume this was uploaded the day after Entry 22. As the above commenter noted, Alex must have been intending to do the same thing to Brian as he did to Seth.

"Brian is gone." From Entry 22. While it would certainly seem that "Seth isn't feeling well" is a lie to explain his absence, based on what Alex said in Entry 22, this has to have come before. Unless he was lying in both cases. That doesn't make much sense, though, so Seth must have just stayed home.

  • This one of the four entries where more than one person meets the operator, other examples are Entry 46 Entry 26 and Entry 12. Not sure if there's any significance to that, but it seems noteworthy that he generally follows and scares individuals.
  • It almost sounds as though Alex is definitely being controlled by the Operator, but at the same time able to think for himself and think out how he does the "job". At the same time though, this could possibly contradict his actions in Entry 49 when he brutally and irrationally killed the man before the Operator took the body away. ~Seraph825
  • The body being dragged has to be Brian's because of his red shirt. Was his black Jacket stolen? ~Seraph825
  • Was Brian aware of Slender Man's presence? He seemed pretty paranoid at the beginning acting, almost like he really didn't want to be there when asking if they were allowed to be there. ~Seraph825

*It's possible that when Tim is found lying in a corner coughing, he could have just awoken from being Masky(due to the seemingly random location), and was reacting to The Operator's presence

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