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Entry 50 was posted on September 30th, 2011.
It has the description "50".
In total, this clip is 14:07 long.

Jay meets Alex meet at Rosswood Park. Jay follows Alex into the forest, leading up to the events of Entry 38. The footage then continues after the end of Entry 38 when Alex agrees to leave the forest because it is getting dark. Alex tells Jay to bring Jessica next time. As Jay is walking out of the forest, he spots the Masked Man. Jay chases the man to the tunnel but the man disappears. Later, Jay uses the key he took from Alex's apartment to get into Alex's apartment and steal the tape he failed to take in Entry 46.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Jay labels the tape "56-42"
  • Alex's drawings include the phrases "Eyes Always Watching", "Warning", and "Return Home"
  • The strange book seen at 12:24 has the title "Listen". It was seen previously in Entry 46. It may be related to earlier totheark references to "Listen" or references to "being silent", as in reading.
  • Jay was not able to catch the masked man despite the limp. Perhaps he is capable of teleportation.

Further Speculation

  • It seems probable that Alex was planning on knocking Jay off in light of the possibility of Jay finding him out. Perhaps Jay was too on-edge to take by surprise, or perhaps Alex was hesitant to kill him because he hopes Jay will do something (perhaps free him?). Maybe Jessica is also a target, and Alex is either planning to take them both at the same time or wants an excuse to tell the Operator for why he didn't kill Jay that day, if Alex wants Jay alive.
  • Possible, but definitely not probable Operator sighting. You can see the "figure" best over on the top right corner at 6:23. ~ Seraph825
  • As Jay gets closer, you can see this figure more clearly. It is a tree with a trail sign on it, not the Operator. ~ZeroTorrent
  • It seems to me that at around 7:53, when Jay falls over, the Operator can be seen between blades of grass. Although it seems more like TO when it is blurry, when it rectifies you can still see a white area with a red dot below it, leading me to believe its TO. However, it may simply be me imagining things. Its about a quarter of the way in, on the right.
  • Also, could the thing that Alex has found (see Entry 49) in fact be referring to his new-found knowledge that he needs to 'sacrafice' people for TO? ~og1764

Distortions normally heard in the presence of The Operator during the chase of Tim at 7:11 and right before the tape ends in the tunnel. Also notable is plenty of blurring throughout the forest. ~GTLargo21

  • The tape in the red tower was hinted at via one of these drawings, so perhaps it was put there as documentation for Alex to remember his crimes if that was ever necessary. The tape he had hidden under his desk seems to have been reserved for the same purpose. It's also curious that totheark was able to point Jay to the red tower to uncover the message he had hidden for himself, implying that tta at some point stalked Alex. ~mytyde
  • If Alex keeps drawing these pictures after all this time, it seems unlikely they were products of his paranoia. The fact that they all seem to have messages which can be interpreted as commands seems to suggest that Alex may be using the pictures to communicate with himself in an altered state of consciousness or as insurance against amnesia. ~mytyde
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