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Entry #5 was posted on June 29, 2009.
It has the description "5".
It is tagged "Marble" and "Hornets".
In total, the video is 3:35 long.

Footage from the Marble Hornets raw tapes. Jay goes location scouting with Alex, in a gazebo in a forest and then in a copse of tall trees. The red tower is visible across a field from the tall trees, and when Jay asks what it is, Alex says it was a climbing wall or something from the fire department. There is heavy audio distortion in the location scouting clips, as well as visual tearing. Jay notes the visual tearing at the end of the video, and points out incidences of it in other clips he's posted.

Main Theories and Observations

  • This is the first video in which the Red Tower appears.
    • This is the only video in which the Red Tower's origins are discussed. The 'climbing tower' would seem to fit, given the scattered holes across the tower's surface visible in Entry 21.
  • The fact that this clip involves location-scouting and appears to be before the filming of Marble Hornets (the student movie) even started suggest that this was very early in the chronology. It is possible that this is the earliest clip.
    • They could just have just gone location souting while having filmed some before.
    • The heavy audio distortion that occurs could suggest that the Operator was present in that location before Alex and the rest of the Marble Hornets crew became involved.
    • Though the Operator is not conclusively sighted in this video, something in this video or something that occurred off-camera on the same day could have been the initial event that triggered all of the events of Marble Hornets (the YouTube videos).
    • The Operator is clearly seen by a tree, to the left of the Red Tower (but closer to the camera). Pay attention when Jay zooms to the Red Tower (careful, when the camera movement is over, he's out of frame).
  • None of the attempts to un-garble the audio have come up with anything of use. And the sound was inconclusive when ran through a spectrogram.

Further Speculation

No one can agree on what the purpose of the climbing wall is. By the same token, some people claim to have seen the Slender Man in this Entry, but it is hardly a consensus. ~Dav Flamerock

Several minor motifs come into play in this entry. The visual tearing is pointed out by J. The severe audio distortion makes its first (& probably most prominent) appearance. The Red Tower is introduced. J coughs. These factors set the stage for later revelations.

Chronologically, this is possibly the earliest entry, taking place even before Entry #13. Alex & J are at ease, with no awareness of anything unnatural going on. It is possible that at this time, the The Operator's attention was first drawn to Alex & J, spying on them as they invaded his territory & choosing them as his targets. It is interesting to note that these two are the most involved with the events of Marble Hornets, and here they are at the very beginning, working together in remote seclusion. This entry likely marks the moment when the fates of both Alex & J were first altered.

~ Zeta Kai

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