Entry #49

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Entry #49 was posted on September 6th, 2011.
It has the description "49".
In total, this clip is 6:37 long.

Alex walks to the tunnel in Rosswood Park. He sits down for fifteen minutes until a passerby asks him if he is okay. Alex shouts, "I told you not to follow me!" and attacks the man. After strangling the man, Alex smashes the man's head with a rock. Later, the Operator appears and then vanishes along with the body.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The tunnel in which Alex murders the man is reminiscent of the tube-shaped pipe structure (which was a few feet wide) that kept showing up in Entry 22 and which later showed up when Jay was apparently teleported there. Maybe the motif of water and/or pipes is significant.
  • The blood and white shirt seen in Entry 29 are almost certainly from this killing.
  • The man who is murdered, named by the community as Bruce, is almost certainly the same man seen standing by the black car in the parking lot in Entry 48.

Further Speculation

  • Since the man was apparently already dead, perhaps Alex used the rock to remove his eyes or whole face, to make the Operator comfortable in taking him. ~mytyde
  • Perhaps Alex was somehow forced by the Operator to kill the man, and he told Jay not to follow him so he would not have to kill Jay.
  • It's possible that the Operator is gathering sacrifices for some reason. Maybe that's how he can be everywhere, by making copies of himself, limited to how many victims he takes. - Nerve
  • I'm thinking that the Operator maybe possessed Alex. Did anyone else notice that there is the same audio disruption every time Alex passes the camera after he murdered that man, that there is every time the camera sees the Operator/when the Operator gets close? The same kind of static beeping. —icarusistemptingfate
  • At 1:25, I think that the "unknown voice" is actually Alex, saying: "I know you are." ~ og1764
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