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Entry #46 was posted on August 2nd, 2011.
It has the description "46".
In total, this clip is 3:46 long.

It appears as though Jay has stalked Alex (as he mentioned in a tweet) and followed him home against Alex's wishes. He takes time to search the apartment for something (possibly anything) and finds a tape in Alex's room. He then proceeds to hide in the closet along the hallway to Alex's room. A shadowed figure walks by and eventually Alex's voice is heard as he tells Jay he left his flashlight. Jay exits the closet and sees the Operator in the window before turning to Alex. Alex reprimands Jay for following him to the house. Jay, clearly freaked out, shuts off all the lights and talks in a low tone. The Operator appears inside the house, and Jay runs for the door, taking a key off the hook next to it. Jay notes that Alex did not follow him out.

Main Theories and Observations

* Alex does not run from the Operator, supporting theories that he is working with the Operator, willingly or not.
* As Jay calls to attention, the key he picks up in this video is identical to the key he found in a previous entry.
* The house looks like the house shown in a previous totheark video, which had an "S" symbol and showed a code of zeros between the main pillars through the rain.

Further Speculation

* Alex definitely does not seem like he fears the Operator. Maybe the final stage of slender sickness ends with them being under control of the Operator. ~iWantToBelieve

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