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Entry #45 was posted on July 23rd, 2011.
It has the description "45".
In total, this clip is 3:12 long.

Main Theories and Observations

  • This entry confirms that the hooded man and Tim are not the same person.
  • This may prove that the hooded man is not in league with The Operator.
  • Also worth noting is Tim and the hooded man's swift retreat.
    • They act as if something is coming, perhaps The Operator showing up to protect Alex.
  • Significant audio distortion occurs at the end in response to Alex's voice.
  • This is after Alex has broken Tim's leg, as Tim has a visible limp.
  • The hooded man's cloth mask appears to look different than in previous videos; however, there is a high degree of probability that this is because of the kind of night vision that the camera is using.
    • It is also mentioned by Jay in the end of Entry 58 that the hooded man he sees later looks "exactly like the one that's appeared in previous entries", with a clip of Entry 45. While Jay is sometimes an unreliable narrator, this is fairly conclusive.

Further Speculation

In a very brief frame after the green and black distortion at 3:08 you can see The Operator. - Sam

*The first part of the video was most likely filmed with the GoPro camera Alex has (evidence by the fish-eye lens) and in that case when the shot goes out of focus it was probably cause by proximity of the Operator -JBOatman

*It is now safe to say that the two covered faces are not the same individual, conclusively. This, however, says nothing about whether they, collectively (including, perhaps, other, unknown individuals) are ToTheArk (as supported by multiple uses of "we" within the ToTheArk videos) or whether either one is, separately. - Tails_155

*It would seem the masked figure had enough time to deal an immediate very damaging or fatal blow to Alex if he'd wanted to. Perhaps the masked figure and/or Totheark have some interest in keeping Alex alive either to join them or inconvenience the Operator. Perhaps the Operator can only influence one person at a time? ~mytyde

*I have noticed that the hooded man in this Entry, and "Hoody" from Entry 41 seem to be different entities. If you look at the masks, they are obviously different. This mask is white, the eyes are black, and this "Hoody" appears to be smiling, almost maliciously, if you can put an emotion to it. Is it possible that we are dealing with three proxies instead of two?
In response to the above theory:
I noticed this as well, along with the figure of the white-masked person. Whereas Hoody is seemingly masculine, the white-masked entity has a more slender, more feminine stance. The mask seems, to me, to be a skull. Could "Skully" be Jessica? It was my belief previously that either Jessica or Seth was Hoody. But, at the appearance of this potentially third entity, I now believe that Hoody is Seth, and "Skully" is Jessica. - Thessearch

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