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Entry #43 was posted on June 27th, 2011.
It has the description "43".
In total, this clip is 7:04 long.

Main Theories and Observations


Further Speculation

Does anyone else notice that the room mate's name is Jessica? This is also the name of the girl Jay meets in the hotel. Didn't she say she was kicked out, but doesn't want to talk about it? ~Jaemi

To Jaemi: That was most likely her lie to cover up the fact that she didn't remember how she got there. Perhaps she did get kicked out, and that was the last thing she remembered, but her saying she didn't want to talk about it does suggest that it was a quick lie and she wasn't prepared to think of anything to back it up.

Based on the behavior in this entry as well as entries with Tim, one theory could be that both Alex and Tim succumb to a coughing fit when near The Operator, and when the fit is finished, they, "wake up" as another person, in a trance-like state, being, "operated" by The Operator, carrying different memories. When they are not near it, they are themselves, with their normal memories, and do not remember the memories created when with The Operator. This can be seen with Tim as he doesn't remember performing any actions as Masky.

Some sort of 'Facial Features' can be very clearly seen at around 6:53
See http://imgur.com/5gg6B
( I hope the link works! ) ~ og1674

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