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Entry #41 was posted on May 25th, 2011.
It has the description "41".
In total, this clip is 3:23 long.

The camera dropped at the end of Entry 40 is retrieved, brought back to Jay's car, and left there facing outwards. A figure in a tan hoodie and a black cloth facemask is seen walking away in front of the car, assumedly just having left the camera there.

Main Theories and Observations

  • At 1:40, "TTA" can be extrapolated from the markings on the streambed.
  • Jay's car is unlocked. This is strange, but Jay has done similarly silly things in the past so it's not unprecedented.
    • Jay may also have done this on purpose so he wouldn't have to stop and unlock the car should he have to make a quick getaway.
  • As the camera comes back on, there is a quick (6 frame) flash of various kinds of distortion, including a color shift towards violet, a blown-out white frame, two high-contrast black-red-yellow-white frames, a visual tear, and an overlaid image of the Operator from Entry #40.
  • There may be a figure seen in the rearview mirror at 2:51.
  • There is relatively little distortion in this video. It is only seen and heard at the very beginning, when water is being filmed, and when the strange figure passes in front of the camera.
  • Something that resembles a white figure can be seen at 1:07 through 1:10. ~anothga

The Figure

  • The figure's mask has what looks like a "sad face" motif, with a big downwards-curving line for the mouth and very far-apart eyes.
    • This could be a reference to how far apart Jay's eyes are, or to the "pandaface" distortion in season 1.
  • The mask looks very makeshift, given that it is mainly just a piece of cloth.
  • General consensus is that the figure is probably Totheark.
    • The figure in the video appears very similar to the drawing of the figure next to the tree in totheark video Intermission. It is implied that Totheark knew where Jay was in the woods that day, and could easily have picked the camera up and brought it back to him.
      • However, this does not account for the fact that there is a very long gap between when the camera is dropped, and when it is picked up and brought back to the car. Assumedly Jay would have made it back to his car by then and left.
    • The figure also bears a resemblance to the figure seen walking past Jay's car in the night in Entry 39.
    • The figure focuses on water a number of times, and Totheark uses water motifs in his videos frequently.
  • However, this entry provides little insight into who Totheark is behind the mask, if the figure is in fact Totheark. Given the assumption that the figure in the video is Totheark, the following can be suggested:
    • Totheark is probably not Tim, given that he is not limping and it is still quite soon after his leg was broken by Alex in Entry 35.
      • Additionally, if the figure was Tim, he would probably be seen wearing his usual mask and jacket. This suggests that assumptions that Masky was Totheark may be false.
    • Totheark could be Alex, given that Alex knew that Jay was going to be in the area that day as well as the night that Jay spent sleeping in his car as seen in totheark entry Forecast. However, if the figure is indeed Totheark, Alex could not be Totheark due to the events of Entry 42 taking place at the same time as Entry 41.
    • Totheark may be either one of the people seen in previous entries, or someone new entirely. There is little solid support for any particular person, though.
      • It is less likely that the figure is a new character entirely, given the chronology is so far along.
    • Totheark is multiple people, and this figure is one of the members.
  • There are some theories that it is not Totheark, though these generally have less support.
    • It is not Totheark but it is Jay, who has donned a mask as an anti-Operator precaution to retrieve his camera from where he dropped it.
      • This would account for the time the camera is left alone — enough for Jay to go back and put on a hoodie, and then return. However, it does not account for the fact that the figure left after putting the camera in the car.
    • Again, whether the figure is Totheark or not, it couldn't be Alex due to the events of Entry 42 taking place at the same time as Entry 41.
    • The hooded figure's jacket looks familiar, like it could be Alex's. Above all things I could be wrong, but it just has a strange familiarity that the hooded figure was Alex. ~iWantToBelieve

Further Speculation

* Since the camera recorded for 15 minutes before Toheark picked it up and returned it to Jay's car, Totheark probably either knows the area of Rosswood Park very well or (less likely), underwent some sort of teleportation to get to Jay's car so long before Jay did. It's also possible that Jay was actually caught by the Operator and blacked out and that's why he didn't make it back to his car before Totheark. ~mytyde

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