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Entry #39 was posted on April 12, 2011.
Its description is the description "39".
It is tagged "marble" and "hornets".
In total, this clip is 3:03 long.

Jay receives a call from Alex Kralie telling Jay to meet him at Rosswood Park, but Alex refuses to tell Jay anything more. Jay then spends the night in a parking lot in his car, and someone looks in at him while he is sleeping.

Main Theories and Observations

After editing the footage of "the figure", I discovered that the being is holding a mask in front of their face. The gender of the figure is still undetermined. I do hope, though, that what I have discovered is going to be proven later on. (All credit for the the discovery goes to PioneerMo).

NOTE: Above theory has been proven false, based on the footage from forecast.

  • The figure doesn't appear to be The Operator.
  • The figure would have been visibly limping if it was Masky/Tim.
  • Alex may be a bit too obvious as he was expected to meet Jay.
  • Could be TTA, but this seems unlikely given TTA's tendency to stay hidden.

~ Red-Rock-Run

It seems strange to me that he says this is about a week after finding Alex in the house. How does he know that? He has no memory of what happened, the tapes don't have timestamps, and they're out of order. Any thoughts?
Jay says over the phone to Alex that it had been a week. If this were a tape in the order he's previously mentioned, then it could be easily connected to when Jay and Alex previously argued in the parking lot. -ResearcherTeague

Further Speculation

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