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Entry #38 was posted on April 5, 2011.
Its description is the description "Unlabeled."
It is tagged "marble" and "hornets".
In total, this clip is 3:29 long.

Jay is following Alex Kralie through the woods, near sunset. During the hike, Alex tells Jay the history of this place as he leads him deeper into the forest.

Main Theories and Observations

  • If there is memory loss associated with contact to the Operator, perhaps that's the source of Jay's 7-month blackout. ~mytyde
  • Jay confirms that he did not upload enttry 37 (at least not consciously), as had previously been speculated.
  • He doesn't tell where he got the tape, and he lost the bunch of tapes he got in the hotel. What's going on…?
  • While the sudden appearance of supposedly lost footage and no explanation for getting his youtube account back under his control is strange, this video and Entry #39 sheds some serious doubt on the 'Jay Is Masky During His Blackouts" theory, as Jay doesn't recall 7 whole months, but looking at this video and 39, he was able to drive, handle basic technology and other than a (very) healthy paranoia, wasn't showing any signs of mental issues. Also, his cough seems to be completely gone from the events of 36, onward.

Further Speculation

Zairuen's Theories
The Entry 38 page is the original home of my theories, but I have moved them to the Theories page. They can be found by clicking here or on the title above. ~Zairuen (AKA Isaac)

*Alex talks about criminals being hung on trees and getting stretched out as though on a rack. Could this be the origin of the Operator/Slenderman?

The suit would be easy to explain with one of the theories above: It was the suit worn by the condemned, prior to his burial/cremation. It's funeral garb from the 19th century, which has changed little since then. ~ Zeta Kai

  • But how would his suit extend with his arms unless it was made of silly putty? Unless you think maybe the Operator, as a ghost or something, can choose to appear in the clothes he wore as he died however he wants… ~slenderbender

Theory 3 written; Credits to Zeta Kai for his comment above. ~ Zairuen (AKA Isaac)

*Could the Operator be one of the criminals mentioned in this Entry? ~anothga

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