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Entry #36 was posted on March 2nd, 2011
Its description is the description "36".
It is tagged "marble" and "hornets".
In total, this clip is 2:15 long.

Jay has recovered some distorted footage of himself talking to Alex right after Entry #35. Jay admonishes Alex for smashing Tim's leg with a rock, and Alex retorts that he should have done worse. It comes out that Alex did apparently send the tape from Entry #26 to Jay in his hotel room, and that Alex has told Jay to lay low until Alex contacts him again. Alex leaves Jay angry in a parking lot.

Main Theories and Observations

  • This video could support the hypothesis that Alex is totheark, given that Alex kept track of Jay's location apparently easily, and it is known that totheark did so as well.
    • However, it could also be suggested that because totheark could keep track of Jay, it was entirely possible for Alex to do so independently as well.
  • It can be argued that because the tape cut out and didn't record the first part of Alex's sentence, Alex could be talking about how easy it was for totheark to track Jay down and send the tapes, and therefore, that Alex did not send the tapes at all. This would mean that Jay's assertion that this video confirms that Alex sent the tape is a big red herring and an example of Jay as an unreliable narrator.
  • The car that Alex is driving appears to be the same car, a white Mustang, as seen in Entry #13 and totheark video Exit.
  • At 0:38, a house can be seen spliced into the footage. Screenshot, as captured by Apaula.
    • This appears to be the house from this Entry, as well as #34 and #35. It may be footage from earlier in the tape.
  • The park that they drive to has been speculated to be Rosswood, the park from Entry #31. Rawkz0rz compared the two parks in a series of screenshots. While there are similarities, it is hard to tell for certain, but at the very least, if it is Rosswood, the filming in #36 was from a different parking lot entirely from that in Entry #31.

The Video Distortion

  • The distortion in the video was similar to distortion seen in other episodes:
    • Entry #24, before Jay gets up and leaves through the door in his room.
    • Totheark video Admission, in terms of color.
    • Entry #23, after Jay's run in with the Operator, as pointed out by Salkovitch.
  • The distortion doesn't seem to have been caused by anything in the video itself.
    • It happened over a relatively large physical distance, as traversed in the car, so the Operator was probably not present.
    • It was probably not caused or triggered by emotional reactions (as is speculated by some, especially in Entry #32) or the presence of a particular person, given that in both of those cases it would have begun much earlier, in Entry #35.
    • The distortion could also have been caused by damage to the camera itself, perhaps when it was dropped in Entry #35.
  • Given these facts, it's likely that the distortion is due to damage caused to the tape after the fact.
  • Given the nature of the distortion in relation to distortion we've seen elsewhere, it is not unlikely to have been caused by the Operator.

Further Speculation

This shows us a few things:

A) Anyone who really thought Tim was dead after that rock throw is now wrong.
B) They hauled out of the cabin right afterwards.
C) This was the first time they met.
D) Alex didn't have a problem with the camera being on because of Slendy, more so because it probably wouldn't have been smart to catch the broken leg on camera.
E) Tim was the one following them, or at least that's what he referred to last entry.
F) We now know that he was 110% stabbed, in case you doubted that too.
~ AdrianHD, Weds Mar 2 2010

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