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Entry #35 was posted on February 15th, 2011.
Its description is "35".
In total, this clip is 2:14 long.

Jay goes back to the abandoned building from Entry 34, where he and Alex encounter the Masked Man, who attacks Alex with a knife. Alex and Jay subdue the Masked Man and remove his mask, revealing the person underneath. Alex attacks Masky with a rock, but then the footage suddenly ends, cutting to Jay driving somewhere.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The entry confirms without a doubt that Tim is the Masked Man.
  • Masky seemingly ignores Jay and runs right past him to attack Alex.
  • I believe that there is a bottle of pills on the floor at 0:47, in the middle of the screen yet slightly to the left. -ResearcherTeague

Further Speculation

It appears that this entry explains Masky/Tim's limp from Entry 33. This is assuming that Alex only hurt his leg because Tim moved away quickly enough.
And congrats to all of you out there in slender-land who recognized the epic sideburns.
~ UndeadT
perhaps Masky is meant to only to terrorize and attack the person who posses the largest threat to whomever he's affiliated with. during this 7 month period, Masky ignores Jay and attacks Alex, who's been increasingly foolhardy and violent. Just a thought. -echelion
~Maybe Masky has only been trying to stop Alex and Jay from digging deeper in finding out who or what Slendy is. If Alex hadn't hit him with the rock, maybe they would have gotten at least a few questions answered. ~iWantToBelieve

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