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Entry #33 was uploaded on January 18th, 2011.
It has the description of "33".
It is tagged "Marble" and "Hornets".
In total, this clip is 2:46 long.

Jay, going in to check on Jessica, finds her missing but a piece of paper labeled "Combination" on the floor of her room. He tries it on her safe, yields nothing, then returns to his room to try it on his. It works, and he finds his safe full of tapes, but as he is packing them away, out of Jessica's room comes the Masked Man. Jay bolts, the Masked Man giving chase, and the video ends with Jay revealing that he got away safe with the tapes but has no idea what's happened to Jessica.

Main Theories and Observations


  • Jay and Masky come out of two doors that are further down the hallway than the doors that Jay and Jessica are seen coming out of and going into over the courses of videos 27 through 32. This has been established by iTellTale and explained in detail by Playmer in a series of five images (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), but the reasons for it are contentious. Two main theories are held by most of the viewership:
    • It is a production error or an artifact of how the entries were filmed; maybe the creators couldn't get the same rooms, so settled for nearby or similar ones.
    • There is some teleportation or warp-door phenomena occurring. The point at which this warping is thought to occur is uncertain, however.
        • The warping could occur when Jay first leaves his room for Jessica's, and the door left open between them as he tried out his safe meant that he exited out the other room. This could account for Jessica's apparent absence; in fact, that she never actually left, and was still in her room as Jay got attacked and ran. This would mean the room beyond the door was set up in advance by Tim, and that Tim can control the warp-doors himself and set them up on the fly, as he would have had to to exit out Jay's room's door and end up further down the hallway.
        • The warping could occur right when they leave the two rooms for the hallway, meaning they teleport down the hallway but don't actually enter the two other rooms they appear to exit from. The bed that Jay pans over in this entry appears to have the exact same pillows as the bed in Entry #32. morscata12 did an image comparison of the two beds (1, 2). This suggests that the room that Jay entered through the between-room doors, at least, was Jessica's.
  • There are a number of occurrences of distortion and visual tearing in Entry #32. Some speculate that it was in entry 32 that Masky teleported into Jessica's room, and that he was hiding until Jessica and Jay were finished talking and he could dispatch her.


  • Jay had closed his door to Jessica's room between this entry and entry #32, even though he had told Jessica to leave hers open.
    • It might be important to note that in Entry 32, visual distortion prevents us from seeing if Jay actually closes his door at the end.
  • The x'ed out 0 in "1102" suggests that the combination was written by someone savvy to and probably involved with Marble Hornets, therefore, probably not Jessica. Considering the absence of Jessica, and the sudden appearance of Masky, it is possible that the combination was written and left there by him.
    • This could follow that Masky entered Jessica's room, managed to abduct her, and then left the note there.
    • It could also follow that this entire entry was a setup by Masky in order to scare Jay out of the hotel, to isolate him, and to get him back to deciphering the mystery.
    • It's also possible that Masky was chasing Jay out of the hotel because the Operator was around, and/or had recently done something or was about to do something.
    • If Masky knew the combination to the safe, that puts forth a number of interesting possibilities. ArkyMcArkArk suggests:
      • Masky put the tapes there.
      • Masky was superstalking and saw Jay input the numbers
      • Jay is JUST THAT predicatable.
      • Jay told him, sometime during the seven months.


  • The content of the entry and the way Jay acts during it suggests that chronologically, this entry comes directly following Entry #32 — the same night, probably no more than an hour later, after Jay had uploaded Entry #32.
  • At 01:59, it seems a lot like Jay hit Masky with the maglite. Though we can't actually see the impact, a black shape moves over the screen, intersecting with his's head, and then Masky falls towards the bed.
  • The red and blue distortion around 01:59 resembles 3D anaglyph, but is not. It also resembles the distortion over the video clip in the totheark video Signal.
  • The number of the safe code was "1102", which backwards, is "2011". Jessica's room number was 211. It's also 2011 in reverse.
  • Jessica's safe was closed and locked, too. This suggests it might have contained plot-relevant objects as well, though now we may never know.

I may be mistaken on this, but that may be the default setting for them, the combination being reset to something like the room number when guests check out

  • The safe has "Attention" written on the top of the door in red. This could be a reference to the totheark video Attention or to place more emphasis on the plot-important items contained in the safe.


Further Speculation

This entry takes place most likely a few minutes after Entry 32. Sounds of J packing can be heard in the background. Based on the events in the entry, it is fully acceptable that J would only be able to post this once he got somewhere he felt safe even if it was a week later.
What makes this entry so mysterious is that J heard no struggle coming from Jessica's room and how in the heck Masky got in. ~ UndeadT

I think the reason there was no struggle, and that Masky got in inconspicuously, and that there was no one within the hotel/motel beside J, Jessica and the staff is that is was a trap, although the why and how behind all of it is shrouded in mystery to me. ~wulfe59

If teleporting has occurred, there are a couple of scenarios as to the probability of WHY.

1st: Masky set up a 'fake' Jessica room (this would be the adjoining room that Jay walks into) in order to A) convince Jay that Jessica is gone, B) Plant the safe code to make Jay open the safe, and C) Have a place to hide so he can bumrush Jay and scare him out of the hotel.

2nd: JAY DOES THIS ACCIDENTALLY. If Jay has the ability to teleport (and there is evidence that he does) then it's possible he either can't control it, or has forgotten how. In a time of high stress (Masky attack), it seems possible this would kick in to help him escape. The scenario for this would then be: Masky attacks Jay out of Jessica's room, Jay fights back and gets away into Jessica's room, then upon exiting THAT room, teleports further down the hallway.

3rd: Both of the previous things could be happening at once.

EDIT: 4th: Teleporting is an Operator specific thing ONLY. Either he can cause specific doors to teleport to different destinations, or the teleporting is a side effect of his presence. We saw a great deal of screen tearing in Entries 32 and 33 - this so far has meant one thing only, that the Operator is nearby. Maybe Jay just got lucky he didn't walk out a door to the hallway and just end up back in his room.

~ Salkovich says on Fri Jan 21, 2011

  • There appears to be a discrepancy of motivation here. If we assume that Masky wrote the combination note, why would he attack Jay after he opened the safe? Furthermore if he attacked Jay for the safe's contents why not open it himself if he knew the combination?
  • Could the combination note have been written by Jessica? If so the Operator Sign would suggest that Jessica is more acutely familiar with The Operator than she let on in Entry #32.
  • The note along with Masky's dissonant behavior could prove that he and TTA are in fact different people. Could the note have been provided by TTA and not Masky or Jessica?
  • For a completely different theory; could the note have been written by Jay, himself during a blackout period?

~ Red-Rock-Run

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