Entry #32

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Entry #32 was uploaded on January 12, 2011.
Its description is "Time has run out."
In total, this clip is 3:02 long.

Jessica confronts Jay about his reasons for being at the hotel. She reveals that she too has lost her memory and has been experiencing a strange sickness. Jay tells her that he will explain everything to her, but that they need to leave that night. Jay states that he uploaded this video before they left in case anything happened to him.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Video tearing occurs at 2:42. Was the Operator at the hotel during Entry 33, or was the tearing caused by the Masked Man?
  • Jay may have told Jessica to leave the door open to prevent the "teleporting doors" seen in Entry 24.
  • Jessica seems to cause camera distortion similar to the way the Masked Man does. It may just have something to do with contact with the Operator, but Jay has never caused distortion.
  • Jessica almost constant smile may be caused by the fact that she is hysterical and scared.

Further Speculation

  • It seems like the distortion cut out as the mood calmed, but as soon as Jessica started getting angrier, it started up again… Maybe emotions are playing a part in this mystery? -Zero
  • By the way that Jessica is looking into her room and the apparent fearful expression, it's quite possible that Masky was already in her room waiting for Jay (As seen in Entry 33) ~Ghost1807
  • The hotel having 'just staff' AND the two of them seems weird; if it were JUST Jay and Jessica, I think it would make a little more sense that they were in, say, some Operator-twisted dimension.
  • The Operator distortion effect may not require The Operator to physically be present. Simply thinking about The Operator may cause him to appear in one's mind, triggering distortion. A person "tagged" by The Operator may carry him around in his or her head like a mental virus. This could explain how The Operator and The Masked Man are able to so effectively track and hone in on people.
  • Jessica says she dreams about being a child and being watched by something. This is reminiscent of the original Slender Man myth that features children being preyed on. ~ Red-Rock-Run
  • Jessica seems to be have dark circles under her eyes when confronting Jay. No sleep due to slenderman sickness? ~iWantToBelieve
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