Entry #31

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Entry #31 was posted on January 4th, 2011.
Its description is "31".
In total, this clip is 7:34 long.

Jay investigates a local park for the location of Entry 29. Jessica confronts Jay about his reasons for being at the hotel.

Main Theories and Observations

  • A slight buzzing can be heard from 2:44-2:59, however I do not think it is intentional so I did not mention it above as he climbed the hill
  • It appears Jay started videotaping as soon as he got out of his car.
  • At 0:56 the sound is wind is probably being muffled by the trees.
  • At 1:15-1:20 Jay probably turned around to get a better look at the guy following him. This explains the slowed pace.
  • The man is right handed
  • The man's wallet is in his back right pocket
  • The man's MP3 player is probably in the front pocket of his hoody
  • Jessica grew up in the area

Further Speculation

  • Is that humming noise traffic? Or a distortion?
  • The irritability, loss of memory, and coughing are similar to what Tim, Jay, and Alex have been through
  • I assume the music is coming from Jessica's room. That, or I am hearing things. ~ Makdee from the UnFiction forums

  • The real Rosswood Park is a tiny field in Sacramento, California with no hiking trails. The park used in this entry actually has a different name, & is presumably in Georgia, where the series is filmed. ~ Zeta Kai
  • *That's incorrect—This Rosswood is a park in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where the series is actually filmed. Named Munny Sokol Park, according to the Marble Hornets map. —Genowhirl.

  • Jessica initially appears perturbed as if she is in a bad mood.
  • Jessica also appears to be studying Jay and probing him for information, seeing as how she has taken careful note of Jay's previous story, calling him out when he changes it.
  • She asks him if he is okay and if he has been experiencing memory loss. Why would she suggest memory loss? Could she in fact be experiencing the same problems surrounding The Operator? Her phone call in Entry #30 would suggest it. ~ Red-Rock-Run

  • Could that Hooded man be TTA? Or are there more than one hooded people in the series?
  • It seems to be generally accepted that TTA is Hoody, thus my concern… ~ og1764
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