Entry #30

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This entry was uploaded on December 21, 2010.
Its description is "30".
In total, this clip is 3:29 long.

Jay talks to Jessica again, and his camera has strange video distortion around her. Jay tells Jessica that he is staying at the hotel while his house is being renovated and Jessica mentions that she was kicked out of her apartment. The next night when Jay hears banging sounds from Jessica's room again, he confronts her but she acts like she does not know what he is talking about.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Jay is missing an aglet on the left tie of his hoody (As seen at 0:24, 0:31)
  • Jay is wearing black shoes. They look like they might be the same shoes as seen in Entry #29.
  • At 0:34 it sounds as if Jessica says something, but I could not make it out.
  • Jessica sure does smile a lot. Plus she was biting her lip and nodding a lot during this footage as well.
  • Jay is sleeping under the covers this time. Every other time he was on top of the covers.
  • At 3:03 the safe can be seen. ~ Makdee from the UnFiction forums
  • Jessica's cellphone is red.
  • At 2:22 through 2:26, Jessica can be heard coughing. ~anothga
  • At 2:56, when Jessica ducks back into her room, the shadow of the Operator can be seen across her wall and ceiling.

Further Speculation

  • In the past, the ability seems to have been demonstrated to mismatch doors with the rooms they are supposed to adjoin. Perhaps the sounds aren't really coming from Jessica's room but actually a different room adjoined to the door. ~mytyde
  • Jessica is talking to a friend on the cellphone about her being kicked out of her apartment.
    • Her friend says that she probably did it while blacked out due to drinking.
    • Jessica protests by saying she did not do it and was not drinking during the time of her blackout.
    • Her friend states that Jessica did something to prove it was her.
    • Jessica gives a confused response "I did?"
    • Jessica is telling the truth about being kicked out of her apartment, what is more, it appears she is totally unaware of the Operator.
  • Could Jessica's coughing be a sign of Slenderman sickness? ~anothga
  • Could Jessica have been one of Jays neighbours in his apartment building? Perhaps the one who started the fire? If she was under the mask/ operators influence, she might not remember. It would explain her getting kicked out and why she recognised Jays name. — xanderthevampire
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