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Entry #3 was posted on June 23, 2009
It has the description "3".
It is tagged "Marble" and "Hornets".
In total, this video is 2:29 long.

This video consists of various pieces of footage from Alex's tapes while he was recording himself. There is one visual tear, but little else of immediate relevance. Jay points out that much of this is now Alex filming himself rather than Marble Hornets raw footage.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The tapes that Alex picks up are probably a 6-pack of 60-minute DVC Premium HD tapes. The Sony page for them is here: 60-min DVC Premium - 6 Pack. The packaging is not perfectly the same, being wrapped in three groups of two rather than two groups of three, but the packaging colors and text are exactly the same as far as we can tell, right down to the yellow 6 on the top right, and the pricing is in the appropriate range.
  • The phone going off could have been an alarm set to remind Alex of a particular time, rather than a phonecall. This would account for his behavior — shutting off the alarm rather than answering the phone, and then going straight to replacing the tape.
    • This is potentially an alarm intended to let him know when his current tape was to run out.

Further Speculation

The first clip is probably while Alex is scribbling his drawings and messages, things which have been seen in future Entries. He tears one off and sets it aside, as if dissatisfied with it, and the audio pattern of his scribblings matches the sketches/messages that we have seen him draw in future Entries, specifically Entry 8. ~Dav Flamerock

The 'phone call' Alex recives might just be an alarm he set on his phone to remind himself of the time. ~Urrg

It seems Alex prefers Sony to Kodak. (1:02) ~Urrg

The clips from this entry could fit almost anywhere in the middle of the summer of 2006. This entry is showing the mounting paranoia of Alex, as he begins to neglect Marble Hornets & begins to tape himself constantly. His moderate anxiety indicates that this takes place after Entries #2 & #12, but before later entries, such as #22.

~Zeta Kai

Throuout most of the clips, Alex is showing signs of Sleep Deprobation, meaning that he's too scared to sleep, /or/ to shut is eyes. This would mean they occur, probably, after the events of Entry 14, and/or 11.

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