Entry #29

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Entry #29 was posted on December 16, 2010.
Its description is "29".
In total, this clip is 1:06 long.

Jay discovers a hidden video on the hard drive he found in the hotel. It is labeled "noentry" and contains footage from someone wearing the chestcam. The cameraman runs through a forest and finds a trail of blood near a tunnel. The Operator is seen standing at the end of the tunnel and then the video ends.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Given where this file was located an the naming it is likely that Jay is the cameraman, however, there is insufficient evidence to verify this.
    • Jay cannot be the cameraman as he obtains the chest cam in entry 52, which leads on to entry 27 so if jay went to the tunnel we would have been notified by an entry or a twitter update, unless he was sleepwalking. ~jimi060
  • The fork that can be seen at the beginning might be an exit of some sort.
  • At 0:30 the camera turns sharply to the left, this is most likely the cameraman looking over his shoulder to see if they are still being pursued.
  • The tearing at 0:33-0:34 seems impossible as the camera is pointing down for the top portion and up for the bottom portion. It appears that the portions are from 2 different points in time.
  • At 0:36-0:40 it looks as if the cameraman turns around because he heard something. Or it could be they were turning to look at the blood in puddle.
  • No clear view of can be made of what was in the cloth.
  • The clicking sound at 1:02 might be the camera's audio giving out. Although it sounds kind of like a mouse click as well.
  • The hand of the cameraman appears to be male.
  • The blood flowed from the rock area to the puddle near the entrance. ~Makdee from the UnFiction forums (copy/pasted by Zeta Kai)

Further Speculation

  • The rock could be a reference to Entry 35. ~ Zeta Kai
  • The audio distortion at 0:55 sounds awfully familiar, didn't a similar audio distortion when the Operator appeared in a different Entry? Maybe it is a sound specific to the operator.
  • I wonder, could this be what happened to Alex, and/or did Masky put this onto J's hard drive to try to get J to stop making entries, or, did this happen to J during his 7-month vacation? ~Wulfe59

The Voice

  • The voice at 0:43-0:44 sounds like it is saying "Joseph". It may also be "closer". The first onset cannot be made out (the 'j' or 'cl'). The second coda is also vague ('ph' or 'r'). Alternatively, it may be saying "Are you safe?"
  • The voice at 0:52 sounds as if it is saying "Jay". Again, the onset is hard to make out.
  • The voice at 0:54 sounds as if it might be saying "Jess" or "Seth". Again, the onset is hard to make out. Additionally the coda is a bit distorted. It could be something else. Really, all I have to go on is 'eh' sound followed by something.
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