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Entry #28 was posted on December 4, 2010.
Its description is "Searching for anything."
In total, this entry is 4:52 long.

Jay searches his hotel room for information. He discovers a bottle of pills and a key inside a bag. His room also contains a safe with a 4-digit code he cannot guess. He leaves his room and has a conversation with another person staying at the hotel named Jessica. Jessica says that she finds Jay's name familiar. Jay mentions that his camera has been picking up strange noises during the night.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Apparently, Jay had been having headaches. However he has not mentioned any as of Entry 27.
  • The key is a standard lock key. Not to be confused with a locker key, or car key.
  • Jay inputs 1234, 8416, 1985, and 4613 into the safe.
    • 1985 is probably his birth year.
  • Jessica sure does smile a lot.
  • Jessica seems to think Jay is weird until he says he is shooting a documentary.
  • Jessica has the Deja Vu look at 3:28-3:30. You know, as if you met a person, but can't remember where.
  • The laptop is on when Jay is asleep. He probably leaves it on all the time. ~ Makde

Further Speculation

  • The thing he picks up at 2:46, it's square, or rectangular. I'm thinking a phone, iPod, possibly another camera. ~ Dr Leonard Mengele
  • In addition to the scrapping and banging sounds in the night scene, there are also clicking sounds.
    • It is quiet, but if you boost the volume to 3 times normal it can be heard.
    • It has the following pattern. 1= tap 0=pause
    • 10010000011110000000 "This may be morse code"~black_hornet
    • The pattern plays 3 times in the 30 second scene.
    • It is probably nothing, but it seemed a bit unusual to me, thus I post it.
  • If the camera is using film, it may be the spinning tape creating a clicking sound. However, I did not hear this clicking sound in Entry 27. This may be due to their being more noise during those scenes though. ~ Makdee
  • While holding the pill bottle and the orange pill, Jay is shaking. It definitely seems like he is frightened about something. ~iWantToBelieve
    • Or possibly shakey due to withdrawel from his Ibuprofen. ~Moooo4me
    • That is probably not Ibuprofen. That brand should have the pill stamped. Not to mention its too orange a color for that brand. Unless the color on the camara was off. - LOK
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