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Entry #26 was uploaded on April 18, 2010
Its description is "26".
In total, this clip is 5:17 long.

Jay reveals that after being on the run for several weeks, he recently became less paranoid and decided to give up trying to solve the mystery. However, he then received a mysterious package containing a tape. The tape reveals that Alex is alive and was safe from the Operator until Amy filmed him, somehow causing the Operator to reappear. After watching the tape, Jay decides he is going to find and help Alex but he does not know when he will post another video.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The skull at 02:34 could be someone wearing a skull mask. Nicknamed "Skully", some believe this to be another masked character yet to be seen.
  • Cause of the Operator's return
    • Some believe that because the Operator lacks eyes, he can see through cameras. Therefore, when Amy filmed Alex it revealed Alex's location to the Operator.
    • Others believe that because Alex's camera had filmed the Operator, it was somehow affected in a way that caused the Operator to come to it when it was turned back on.

I can agree with what was said above, either one. Particularly the second one, because once you see what should not be or doesn't want to be seen… things tend to happen. That's how stories tend to go anyway. ~GTLargo21

Speculation & Analysis

Could the skull masky be Alex since this was his tape? Going on with that theory could becoming a masky be part of the seeming deterioration of those who are stalked by The Operator?

I have a theory…so Slender Man has no eyes but he sees everything about these people he stalks. What do they all have in common? The camera. They all have a camera looking at them. SLENDER MAN SEES THROUGH THE EYES (or lens, I guess) OF CAMERAS. That's how he found Alex, because Amy put a camera on him. So Slender Man found him and attacked. But that's just my take on all of this. Heh, get it? Take? Like in a movie- aw, nevermind.
- Brometheos

Looking through this video at half-speed, I notice something right at the end of the tape when the camera fades to white after freezing on the Operator. The time on the camera seems to change into some sort of timer, going, '0:99 AM', '0:98 AM', '0:97 AM', and '0:96 AM' - that was all I was able to gather from it anyway. It certainly seems to be the same kind of distortion found during the Operator's appearance in 'enttry 37', but what it means, I don't know. Maybe that time is running out? ~ NobodyIP

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