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Entry #25 was uploaded on March 24, 2010.
Its description is "Names and locations have been removed."
In total, this clip is 1:54 long.

Jay films a television showing a news report about a fire in an apartment building.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Screen tearing is seen at 1:10 in the home video on the news. This implies that the Operator was present at the scene of the fire.

Further Speculation

There is no hidden final frame.

I can't help but think "why would that happen???" " who was the cause?" "what was the cause?". The tearing of the news feed hinting that The Operator was there could mean a couple of things.
1. That he was present at the site the night of the fire and possibly the cause or forced Maskie into a corner, causing him to start the fire.
2. He was present at the site during the news feed, possibly looking for J.
3. He was nearby to J when he was watching the TV, which is the least likely since the camera would have distorted along with the television… not at all impossible altogether though. ~GTLargo21

This news report is from ABC 12 news out of Flint, MI and the censored county is Genesee County (I know this as I watch that channel frequently). I am aware that MH films in Georgia/Alabama, but perhaps this is all, plot-wise, supposed to take place in Michigan?

At 0:34 to about 0:37 there is a black figure (maybe a shadow) in front of the burned building that appears to shoot another figure. The other figure then falls to the ground. ~warp531

At 1:06, all the way to 1:10 (when the visual tearing happens), you can see a black figure looking away from the camera. The Operator? Or just a tree? ~Oscuro1987

An interesting theory that Masky could be trying to save J and keep him away from the Operator could be furthered backed up by this. He may be trying to scare him off, to the extreme of burning his apartment down after being sure he is not in it. ~Moooo4me

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