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This Entry was posted on February 16, 2010.
The description for the video was "24".
It is tagged "Marble" & "Hornets".
In total, this clip is 2:54 long.

Jay, taking surveillance of himself in his house, discovers that he has once again left his room without knowing it. However, he also discovers that when he exits out the door of his room, he sometimes doesn't come out on the other side. There is strange audio, possibly music, in the background, and one major instance of audio/visual distortion shortly before he makes his unrecalled exit.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Jay's following Warning's advice to the letter. "Stay Home…Be Alone". All that's left is "Smile for Death".
  • There is a possible Operator sighting in the living room at 00:19.
  • There is what looks like silhouette of a person on Jay's door, on the inside pointing towards his room. This can be seen fairly well at 01:07. The relevance of this is contentious.

The Counters

  • Regarding the first counter that shows up on the screen during the first half of the video: the smaller numbers could be recording frame count, as at 30 on the smaller numbers, the larger numbers hit 1, and at 60 they hit 2, etc etc. 30 frames per second is a common fps.
  • Regarding the second counter after the distortion: the visible, smaller numbers appear to be a count of seconds and miliseconds. It is likely that the larger, obscured counter is also ticking, through we cannot see it.
  • The counter re-setting appears to be linked to the distortion, or perhaps to the teleportative quality of the door.
  • At the end, during the side-by-side comparison, the timestamp of the image in the computer room is about 3 seconds off of the timestamp on the footage that it is supposedly taken from.

The Audio

  • The audio that sounds like very quiet, tinny music continues throughout the video without apparently changing from place to place, or getting cut when the video is cut to show a different room. The music does not appear to be camera-specific.
  • The distorted music could be a piano showtune, an old movie track, or a Navy march, played very low. If it is the latter, that could possibly connect to previous totheark videos. It could even be several different songs sewn together.
  • The audio seems to be strangely selective: we hear the door open and close very clearly, but not such things as Jay flopping onto the bed.

The Television

  • The images on the television are strange, and at 1:42 may show a face. This may be connected to Jay's going through the door and not reappearing; the "face" appears at almost exactly the same moment he steps through the door.
  • The "face" could be:
    • Jay's face
    • The Mask
    • A skull (image manipulation does appear to make it very similar to a skull)
    • The Operator's face (although the image does appear to have eye sockets, so this is unlikely)

However, whatever the case, the image seems to be slightly translucent — background elements show through slightly.
  • There is also some speculation that what happens on the TV screen at 00:36 might be the Operator's face
  • The images on the television could have been surveillance from other parts of Jay's home, or from outside of Jay's home. The lighting of some of the images appears to be consistent with the kind of light that streetlights give off.
  • The images on the television could have been some sort of hypnotic trigger. He looks at it a moment before he goes into his room, which leads directly to the distortion, tossing and turning, and finally his mysterious exit.

The Teleportation

  • Jay seems unbothered by it, and doesn't appear to be acting strangely either when he gets up to leave, or when he returns two hours later.
  • The fact that Jay apparently teleports is similar to the video Entry #23, where he appears to "teleport" through doors into rooms that they have demonstrably not led to before. There is also some indication of temporal movement in Entry #23, which could therefore theoretically also be happening in this video.
  • It could be, rather than Jay teleporting or the door being a portal, that Jay's entire bedroom has shifted to some other place, though the rest of his house remains unaffected. However, this is somewhat contentious given that the sound of the door closing can still be heard in the audio of the computer room camera.

Further Speculation

There is a theory that there is no teleportation going on at all and that this video is the product of cunning footage manipulation, perhaps by totheark or Masky, intended to make Jay and/or the viewers think that a teleportation has taken place. During this time, Jay is either knocked out or taken more conventionally to another location.

Dray said on Friday Feb 19, 2010:

Pros for teleportation:
-Jay gives us evidence (he goes so far as to repeat it twice) in #24 that his door is opening and he's going through it on one side, and the door is not opening (though it is making a closing sound) on the other.
-In Entry #23, Jay seems to 'warp' between rooms, then into the closet, then in to Slendy's domain.
-In #14, Slendy wanders into Alex's room and disappears moments after he moves out of the frame.
-In #13/Exit, Alex is both next to the swimming facility and another camera is apparently filming Jay some distance from where Alex is running around; IF Alex is TTA then he would have had to warp in order to get that far.
-In #10, Alex is apparently running from Slendy. Slendy seems to move quite quickly without apparently running, something that we know that he can resort to from #4

Cons for teleportation:
-In #24 the door closes audibly from the camera focused on it, which may suggest that the visuals were looped but the audio was not replaced.
-In #23 it has been suggested that Jay is being blacked out and brought back (along with his camera) by Masky, TTA, Slendy, or whomever during his 'warps'. The fact that the light changes from warp to warp could suggest that instead of teleporting, he is conscious, then turns off the camera when 'blacked out', brought back to consciousness in a similar place, etc. The 'warp' to Masky's closet could just as easily have occurred when Masky brought him there.
-#14 is hard to explain without the use of teleportation, but just because the Operator can do it doesn't mean that Jay is doing so now. It could be that instead of literally teleporting, Slendy disappeared into Alex's mind, hence the head stigmata. (Wow, and teleporting sounded like a lame theory!)
-#13's teleportation requires Alex to be TTA. If TTA is more than one person working in cahoots, then at the time that Alex was filming around the pool complex, another person could be watching Jay.
-In #10 we only get brief glimpses of Slendy. He could have run while Alex was running, and went still when he went still. Pretty standard hunting technique I would imagine.

Pros for mundane intervention:
-We already know that TTA is proficient at video editing and has a knowledge base that extends past what Jay seems able to comprehend, as a character.
-We know that Masky is somehow able to enter Jay's house and knows where he lives.
-Masky was aware that Jay was taping himself before Jay announced it to the world via youtube — he was looking directly at the camera in #19.
-The timer on the cameras changes three separate times in #24, something that is definitely odd, and (I don't think) makes sense to explain away with teleportation. Video distortion, maybe, but it is more like TTA's 000000 obsession than the usual static pop-fizz that we get in straight-up video distortion.
-We see that Jay tends to not remember things when Masky is around. Right up from his first encounter in #18, he starts to black out when Masky enters the equation. The first time he feels that he was hallucinating, the more recent times he doesn't remember even seeing him to begin with.
-It could follow to reason that with these facts, Masky and/or TTA (whether or not they're one and the same) was able to get into Jay's house
a) cause Jay's surveillance cameras to loop while he was transporting (not teleporting) Jay.
b) went back after the fact and edited the tape's visual.

Cons for mundane intervention:
-SLENDER MAN IS SLENDER MAN. (Really this is the biggest one. He's such a missingno that we have no idea what he's capable of.)
-Masky's ability to conk Jay out could be supernatural. If that's the case, then he may as well be able to teleport.
-There is some evidence that some members of Marble Hornets are not well. Illnesses are sometimes communicable, and in this case it seems that the illness is linked with Slendy's presence. Could it be that he's passing on some odd teleportation-like folds in space and that is linked to the illnesses?
-The narrative element in the story seems to point out that teleportation is a very likely event. While TTA has given us information that Jay can not be trusted, Jay has video evidence of what happened. If it is being lampshaded on a meta level, it seems likely that simple mundane intervention is only playing a minor role here, if any.

There is also a second "teleportation isn't necessarily happening" theory.

ktarthan said on Thursday Feb 25, 2010:

I would like to suggest the notion that perhaps not only are perceptions and electronic devices seemingly effected by the documented events, but perhaps also reality itself is flawed or being flawed. Stated another way, perhaps the reason that all of this seems so strange is that the general perception (Not only the IC cast's, but also ours as well) is unable to properly comprehend what is happening.

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