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Entry #23 was uploaded on January 28th, 2010.
In total, this clip is 7:54 long.

In this video Jay returns to the house from Entries 16 and 18. When Jay arrives it is daytime and the front door is already open. The place is still a mess. Jay goes upstairs and enters the bathroom where the bloody sink is now clean. He turns around and sees the Masked Man, who he chases into a room. When Jay enters the room the Masked Man is gone. Jay searches the house further, during which time he seems to be teleported by going through doors. Eventually a door takes him to the
building from Entry #22. Jay encounters the Operator and his camera breaks. He explains that he does not want to know the answers anymore.

Speculation & Analysis

There is a running line of speculation that in this video, J warps over and over, traveling through space instantaneously and possibly even through time. ~ Dav Flamerock

Another running line of speculation is simply that he cannot remember anything and his camera continually malfunctions due to his presence in the distortion house. ~ Dav Flamerock

The time seems to pass very rapidly in the video, for it gets dark rapidly. ~ Dav Flamerock

Maybe Masky wears his mask so Slendy can't see him? Maybe if he can't see your face he can't find you? ~ Foxeris

It's pretty safe to assume this is the last entry [Submitted willingly by J, anyways.] ~Urrg

As for time distortion, it may be an affect of Slenderman, like everything else abnormal in the entry.

More of my research :3
Ok, i have noticed that large amounts of electro-magnetism screw with electrical equipment (audio and visual distortions) and can also screw with matter and time, so, Slendy may be giving off HUGE amounts of electro-magnetism (busting J's cam-corder). The brain operates on a frequency, give it a bad one, and it will stuff it up. Electro-magnetism emits huge amounts of fequencies, ones that can cause brain damage(amnesia). Also, large amounts of power can create matter, and destroying matter creates large amounts of energy. So Slendy might be destrooying J and re-creating him in another place.
This also leads me to think that slendy is a very powerful being, mabye a demon (As they are fallen angels, and angels are powerful)
So all of that explains the distortions and the 'teleporting'
thanks guys :)
P.S. yeh, i do alot of investigating on this
~The White Knight

It's possible that before he ended up in the industrial building he wasn't actually traveling through space or time, but merely going around in the same circle over and over again until it got dark because he couldn't remember that he'd just done it, like a computer on a loop. ~ Orthrus.

If you listen you can hear very quiet footsteps in another area of the building at 05:53 ~ HaroldOfTheRocks

4:49 ish, you can see TO between the wavy static.
Also, at 6:25 ish, is there an Operator Doll? Can I have this sightings confirmed? ~ og1764

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