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Entry #21 was posted on December 21, 2009.
Its description is "1 of 2".
It is tagged "marble" and "hornets".
In total, the clip is 5:24 long.

Entry #22 is the video that Jay took when he went to the red tower from Entry #5 during the course of the Winter Solstice Twitter Watch. The video is a montage of clips showing Jay's hike to the tower, including a curious hole in the ground which appears to cause faint distortion. Arriving at the tower, Jay examines it, and then approaches closer.

The tower has many small holes in it and at one side it has the Operator symbol scratched on. Jay walks around it and discovers that it is a triangular prism in shape with an open top and a door-shaped aperture at the back. A beam sticks out the top to support it on the ground, and inside the tower the structural supports limit space for mobility. However there is a ladder built into one of the inside walls, a ladder which Jay climbs. At the top he finds a metal case. When he opens the case back at the bottom, he finds another tape that has been left inside. At the end, Jay says with his traditional text overlay saying, "I will be watching the tape I found soon".

The second part of "part 1 of 2" is Entry #22, where he watches the tape.

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The Winter Solstice Twitter Watch chronicled Jay's trip.

marblehornets posted on 21 Dec 09

Something important has to be on this tape. I just have the feeling I won't like it.

marblehornets posted on 21 Dec 09:

Just noticed the "jBdzj!zö&&+555n?21" update. It originally said "found something". No idea what happened to it.

marblehornets posted on 22 Dec 09:

The footage on this tape is too much for me right now. I have to go to bed.

Main Theories and Observations

  • There is a possible sighting of a strange figure while Jay's camera is falling inside the tower. Vazhar screencapped the sighting, but it's much clearer on a scrub-through. Verdegrand screenshots the relevant frames for a bit more clarity.
    • The blue color of the 'pants' and the shape of the body suggest that this probably isn't the Operator.
    • The blue could actually be a combination of chromatic aberration from the lens, along with the purple fringing that can be caused by the CCDs of digital camcorders.
    • It almost looks like the figure is wearing a hoodie…
  • There is a water bottle on the ground in the tower at 02:45, and water bottles have been associated with Tim throughout the earlier videos. However, this water bottle looks quite old and as if it has been there for some time.
  • There is a possible Operator sighting at about 05:01, when Jay is exiting the tower, across the field among the tree. KiteRider screencapped and circled the possible sighting.
  • The tape that Jay finds is a mini DV tape that plays in a video camera. The brand is unclear. Wikipedia page for DV tapes.

The Tape

  • The fact that Jay had been carefully steered and prodded back towards the red tower prior to this video suggests one of two things, as described by morscata12:
    • Totheark knew the tape would be there (he said it would be "waiting for you" in the tower). He placed it there after watching Entry 19.5. If the tape was originally in Alex's possession, totheark stole it and placed it in the tower for J to find. Since Alex is MIA, the theft most likely took place in 2006.
    • The tape has been in the tower since 2006, and that totheark was merely aware it would be there. Whoever filmed it would have left it there after filming it.
  • The fact that it was revealed in Entry #22 to be footage from Alex means one of a few things:
    • He kept it separate from the other tapes and either totheark was able to easily steal it because of this
    • He kept it separate and placed it in the tower himself
    • He did give it to Alex with the other tapes, but totheark later stole it and hid it for Jay to find later.
  • The fact that Jay at least partially got the idea to go to the Red Tower from the drawing he took from the house in Entry #16 suggests that Alex did put the tape in the tower originally, and therefore, the fact that totheark might have known it was at the tower was not due to his own machinations.

*** In Entry #71 is is shown that Alex did not give Jay all of the tapes. He kept some for himself. Albeit he may have burnt them later, however he still kept them.

Relationships to Other Videos

  • The mini DV tape found in this video held the footage that was revealed in Entry #22.
  • The distortion that can be heard when Jay looked at the mysterious hole was similar to the distortion heard when Tim was on-camera in Entry #20.
  • The distortion when the camera hit the ground in the tower was similar to the distortion over the totheark video Advocate, the distortion that appeared briefly when Jay opened the script in Entry #20, and the distortion that occurs at the end of the totheark video Admission.
  • There is a Stigma-like S-shape carved or painted on one of the poles in the tower right by where Jay finds the silver case. This is similar to the S-shape on Tim's shirt in Entry #9 and the overlaid S-shape in the totheark video Program. Arison screenshotted the various occurences for comparison.

Further Speculation

When he's inside the tower, J is noticeably frightened. ~ Dav Flamerock
The various screenshots regarding the figures spotted throughout the entry could be Hoody. It would not be unreasonable to assume that he has been following Jay for a very long time indeed… -ResearcherTeague

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