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Entry #20 was uploaded on December 15, 2009.
It has the description "20."
In total, the clip is 3:18 long.

Jay and Alex talk and set up a painting in Brian's house as they wait for Tim to arrive to work on Marble Hornets. When Tim arrives he acts very strangely as he complains about the cold, coughs, and takes strange pills. Jay states that he does not remember the events of this entry happening.

Speculation & Analysis

Tim appears to be wearing the same coat as the Masked Man does in Entry 19. Further, Jay has identified the pills that Tim has in this Entry as similar to the ones he swiped from the house in Entry 16—possibly even the same kind. Evidence is piling up that Tim is the Masked Man.

It's a funny looking painting they got there. A forest in flames…

Does anyone else notice that this is the same house that Jay visits in Entries 16 and 18? And it also appears to be the same hallway that Jay hypnotized in, in the totheark entry Return? The couch is the same, seen flipped over in both Entries 16 and 18. And the floor is wooden, just like in Entries 16 and 18. —icarusistemptingfate

Maybe Tim has been living in Brian's house for a while? It would explain why the house is so messy, but it didn't smell bad, like someone has been taking the rubbish out, and it would also explain the mattress found in the closet, like someone has been sleeping there, and the bottle of pills that Tim was taking being the same (as thought so) as the one that was in the house. — thegabs

In entry 19.5, on the piece of paper with the words "Forget what I see" there is a drawing of a tree on fire. Possible connection to the painting of the burning trees here? — xanderthevampire

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