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Entry #19.5 was posted on December 9th, 2009.
It has the description "Trying to make connections".
In total, this clip is 3:10 long.

Jay goes over the items he took from the house in Entry 16 including the pill bottle, the bullet casing, and the papers. He notes the recurring nature of the operator symbol and discovers the words "At the tower" on the back of one of the papers.

Speculation & Analysis

  • The pills
    • Tim may have been taking the pills to control his slendersickness, as seen in Entry 20.
    • Jay may have been forced to take the pills to make him lose his memory
  • The bullet casing
    • It may have been from a bullet used to kill Brian, as it was found in what is believed to be Brian's house
    • It may have been from a blind shot into the dark out of paranoia
    • The bullet casing has not been mentioned again as of Entry #46, so some think it may have been a sort of red herring
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