Entry #19

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Entry #19 was posted on November 25, 2009.
It has the description "19".

Jay reveals that he has been filming himself constantly as Alex had. He discovers footage in which the masked figure is inside his bedroom. He also discovers that he left his room for three hours but has no memory of ever waking up. Jay decides that he needs to go somewhere safer.

Speculation & Analysis

* Due to the shirt J is wearing and its description as "91", many believe that totheark's Return Video shows some of what happened during the missing three hours J talks about in this entry.

* Now, why is there skipping around in the video? Is it because the distortion was so bad? Or is it because J is an unreliable narrator?
~ Lifegospel

* A knowledgeable friend pointed out that while J claims this was recorded on a digital camera, digitally-recorded video can't frame-slip as it does during the distortion. What popped into my head was a complete timeline of the events of that night:

1) J sets up his digital camera and leaves it recording while he goes to sleep.
2) The mask/totheark comes in and turns off the digital camera.
3) He then sets his own (tape-recorder) camera next to it, which explains why the shots of totheark during the distortion are slightly shifted from the (digitally-filmed) shots before and after.
4) He films himself in J's room (crouching on the dresser, sitting on the dresser, sitting on the floor).
5) He picks up the camera and films his own masked face (which explains why the window has moved in that shot).
6) He leads a sleeping/hypnotized J out of the room.
7) For whatever reason, he turns J's digital camera back on so that it films J's empty room for three hours. During these events, the camera has not been disturbed, and so records the exact same shot as in the beginning of the video.
8) Out in the hallway (or possibly at Alex' house), the Return video is filmed by totheark on the same tape-recording camera.
9) totheark returns J to his room.
10) Then, either that same night or shortly thereafter, totheark transfers the video from tape to digital (carrying over the distortion). He cuts away the Return section to post later (and possibly edits the video to account for the skipping around that Lifegospel points out above), then goes to J's computer and copies over the section with him in J's room. This might all have been done on J's computer, time permitting and assuming he had the right equipment at his disposal. Otherwise, he did it himself, either on a laptop or back at wherever he keeps his computer (the same one he uses to upload his YouTube videos).
11) He then leaves the video for J to find days later.
~ FekketCantenel

Many users at UF have noted that the masked figure is wearing the same jacket Tim is in Entry 20. ~msheadwound

* Masky can be seen at the window while J is sleeping at 1:19 [tothepark

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