Entry #18

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Entry #18 was posted on November 10, 2009.
It has the description "18".
In total, this clip is 3:37 long.

In this entry, Jay returns to the house from Entry 16 as encouraged by the Signal Video. While he explores the abandoned house, he finds a long white doll, and then is attacked by a mysterious masked figure.

Comment from Jay

In response to speculation that a third party was present, or that the masked man did not attack Jay, Jay made the following comment on the Something Awful forums to clarify the events in the entry:

Some understandable confusion going on about #18, I'll try and set a few things straight if memory serves (which I can't help
but think is a gamble at this point).
-Whoever was in the mask attacked me. He pushed me against the door that was locked behind me and pulled me down on the floor.
I don't remember much of what he did after that, I was in a daze because I had hit my head on the floor.
-After he had what looked like some kind of seizure, I tried to take his mask off. He pushed me off surprisingly hard and I
stumbled backwards and fell.
-The knife I had with me was still in my pocket when I headed for the back door. Then it wasn't when I woke up in my car.
I'm still feeling very sore from it all. My head is killing me.

Speculation & Analysis

Considering its length and shape, the long white doll could possibly be connected to The Operator, or simply a doll someone has made of The Operator. ~ kungfulemon

Is it me or does it sound like the distortion when J was being attacked sound like he was underwater? ~ 4lackovabetername

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