Entry #17

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Entry #17 was posted on November 2, 2009.
It has the description "I'm not sure of what to do anymore."
In total, this clip is 1:51 long.

Alex, Jay, and Tim are working on Marble Hornets in an indoor location. Tim rehearses part of the script while they are waiting for Brian to return. Jay comments that he feels cold. The video ends by freezing, video and audio distortion occur as well. Jay states that he does not remember the events of the video.

Speculation & Analysis

J doesn't remember what happened in this tape and no one notices The Operator in the background even thought two people should be staring at his direction most of the time, showing that it likely can hide its presence from the minds of people around, also causing amnesia?

There seems to be a indication that Slenderman has some conection with water, the tape is frozen after Tim has sip a bit of it.

J is feeling cold even hiting that the cold is unnatural, this can either means that the problem is with the J or with Tim and Alex who seem to not notice the cold at all.

after the image is frozen it changes to progressive levels of distortion, leaving Tim face blurred, maybe a hint to a connection with Slenderman? or even masky?


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