Entry #16

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Entry #16 was posted on October 16, 2009.
It has the description "searching."
In total, the clip is 7:57 long.

Jay approaches the house at night, with only his flashlight and camera. The door is locked, and no one appears to be there, so he goes around to the back where he finds an unlocked glass sliding door. Inside, the house is in disarray as if someone has been squatting in it for a while. There are coupons and drawings everywhere and the power is out. Jay picks up a water bottle he has found and the video tears, followed by a soft audio distortion1. After that, Jay begins to cough irregularly throughout the rest of the Entry. He tries to open a door but finds it locked. Just after that, he spots some blood drops dried on the floor and follows them to a bloodstained sink. Beside the sink are some bottles of pills—some of which he takes. As he turns to go back downstairs, he drops some of the drawings he has collected and picks them up, finding on the ground beside them a bullet casing. He takes that too. Again, he drops the papers at the top of the stairs, but only manages to get two before a coughing fit propels him down the stairs and out the door.


The most interesting thing in the video, in my opinion, is the low sort of rumbling/cooing noise that starts shortly thereafter. It runs from about 3:54 to 3:57. (Refers to 1) ~El_Smacko

Did anyone else notice that this is Alex's house? ~ an1212121

It looked kind of like the house from the one Totheark video where it was raining. ~ RedBlade2021

Due to the presence of the blood in the sink and the proximity of the bullet casing, did someone try to shoot themselves? Did someone try to shoot Slender Man and get retaliated against? ~ Xenophobe

The way the blood is splattered into the sink looks like it must have been put there with a fair amount of force, a cough due to the slender man sickness maybe? Perhaps whoever left it there started coughing up blood (maybe the sickness causes internal bleeding?) and ran to the bathroom with blood dripping from their mouth (explains the blood trail to the sink) and then tried to spit or cough it out, resulting in the large splatter in the sink. ~ Misery_Machine

It's generally accepted that the visual tearing implies that SM is near. With J's coughing at the same time that the visual tearing occurs, does it follow that J's coughing and sickness indicates SM is near? If so, this could mean that J has been stalked for quite a while now, as he has been having these symptoms for weeks. ~ Xenophobe

Has anyone before thought about the blood in 16 being from alex's head bleeding in 14? ~ Chaos

Would J's desicion in drawings that he's taken make any general difference? He might've taken plot-important drawings. ~Urrg

3:07 displays the word 'BONE' spray painted down the wall. This is also graffitied on the outside of the hospital (seen in Entry #56 at 1:42). -ResearcherTeague

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