Entry #15

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Entry #15 was posted on October 3, 2009.
It has the description "15".
In total, this clip is 5:00 long.

It is a clip of Jay's interview with Marble Hornets actor Tim. He asks questions about the set, Alex Kralie, and the Operator. Throughout the interview, Tim claims to remember next to nothing about Alex.

Main Theories and Observations

Jay appears to meet Tim in a school.
Tim definitely remembers nothing of "a guy in a suit", maybe a little TOO defiantly…

Speculation & Analysis

From correspondence between TheNightmareComplex and J we know that:

  • Tim was not going to meet up with J, so J had to stage a "screen test."
  • Tim was oblivious to the fact that J was filming him.
  • J didn't notice anything weird when he filmed the video, a la Slenderman, so don't get any ideas.

This is the only Entry video to date that has a subtitle.
Tim doesn't seem to recognize Jay even though it's been shown in later videos they've worked together…..Why is his memory of those specific events gone as well?

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