Entry #14

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Entry #14 was posted on September 23, 2009.
It has the description "Beginning a search."
In total, this clip is 1:58 long.

This entry starts with the camera focused on a door (presumably in Alex's room) that is slightly open; the audio is removed from this entry. After a few seconds, the Operator opens the door and into the room before walking off-camera. Alex then jumps up and uses the camera to look around the room—seeing there is nothing there, he replaces the camera and shuts the light back off. A message from Jay say 32 minutes pass before the tape is changed. The screen then switches to Alex covered in blood, filming his face and looking at something across the room.

Main Observations and Theories

There is a possibility Alex is already bleeding when he gets out of bed to close the door:


Speculation & Analysis

It seems that there was blood on Alex's face BEFORE he filmed his face, and maybe we could try lighting up Mr Thin's face? It might give us a clue ~Lifegospel.

Could Alex be unaware of the blood on his face? Something might have happened that he was unaware of. ~Urrg

I can identify the problem with the video at the six second mark. When it appears that more than one image of the video are scrolling by on top of each other on a VHS playback, it means that the video's frames per second rate is out of sync with the film. The images seemed to be scrolling upward, which means that the frames per second were slightly lower than they should have been for a moment. This type of dropsync is different from the visual tearing seen at the bottom of other videos. ~Zaden

The fact that The Operator disappears from the room enforces the fact that there's only one Operator. Somewhere I read that the blood in Alex's face was fake because it was dry, but the dry blood also enforces the probability of Alex having blood on his face before he got up to close the door. — thegabs

On a completely different note, TO seems to be sneaking through, although he could surely just teleport. Is this an inconsistency or merely TO trying to be quiet? Surely he could just capture Alex anyway, by just standing in front of the door. There is also little pixilation or visual distortion like there is in later entries. ~ og1764

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