Entry #11

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Entry #11 was posted on August 09, 2009.
It has the description "Alex missed something."
In total, this clip is 1:58 long.

The clip starts focused on Alex laying in his bed. Covering the wall behind him are charcoal sketches (presumably related to the ones Alex was drawing in Entry 8). Several of the sketches have visible text: "OPERATOR", "SEES ME", "DON'T RUN", "RUN AWAY", and "KILLS ME". The rest are of the Operator symbol (an ellipse with an X through it), and rough sketches of the Operator itself and other humanoid figures. Spaces on the paper that aren't covered in drawings have been shaded in.

For no reason apparent in the clip, Alex gets out of bed and grabs his camera. He walks to the staircase, turns off the light, and makes his way down the stairs to the venetian blinds. He points his camera through them but does not see anything. He walks into his office and checks through the blinds, but sees nothing unusual. As he leaves the office, the Operator can be seen on the right-hand side standing in front of the curtains.

Alex looks through another set of blinds but still sees nothing. He heads back to the staircase, turns the lights back on, and walks up the stairs. Placing the camera on a red book on the table in front of his bed, Alex gets back into bed. In the last seconds of the clip, a shadow moves past his wall and a breeze moves the sketches slightly.

Main Theories and Observations

The drawings behind Alex are just like the ones found in entry 44.

This entry showcases Alex's growing (and completely justified!) paranoia.

Speculation & Analysis

Maybe Alex just doesn't notice the Operator? Or perhaps the Operator is making it so that Alex doesn't notice. That's always been a speculated power he has (entry 17 comes to mind).

Why doesn't the video distort when Alex passes by the Operator?

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