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Entry #10 was posted on July 28, 2009
It has the description "More missing audio.".
In total, this clip is 1:31 long.

Alex is running through the forest with a flashlight. At around, Alex shines his light on what looks like the Operator and begins sprinting. He makes his way to the outside of a building, focuses the camera on his face, and turns it back around to look at the Operator. He runs away and sweeps his flashlight over the forest before landing on the Operator, after which he continues running.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The Operator appears twice in this entry, at 00:49 and 01:27.
    • Considering the speed at which Alex is moving, this suggests that either the Operator can move much more quickly than a human, or can teleport.
  • This entry may have occurred the same night as Entry 4, judging by the nighttime filming and Alex's apparent hurry. He may have given chase to the Operator further.
    • However, this is very circumstantial evidence, and even if it is true, doesn't seem to have much bearing on the story.
  • The missing audio from this video may have been the audio found in the Totheark Operator video.

Further Speculation

The Operator seems to possess supernatural speed - he is able to transport himself a long distance within a matter of seconds. It is possible that more than one is pursuing Alex. See Entry 6 for further examples of it's incredible speed. ~Morscata12

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