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Deluge was uploaded on August 11, 2009.
It is a video reply to Entry 11.
Its description is "///".
It is tagged with "marble" "hornets".
In total, the video is 0:15 long.

The audio is a distorted bass noise. Included in the mix is a slow voice repeating what sounds like "Alex" backwards on the left channel.

The video ends with the text "WATCHING YOU" - you is in bold, and spelled using the letter O rather than a zero.

Main Observations and Theories

Visually, the video consists of a pair of fluorescent lights (creating a \\ pattern) flashing in what looks like Morse code. This code has yet to be deciphered.

Speculation & Analysis

When reversed and sped up x2, you can hear a girl's voice repeating the word "Alex". ~Morscata12
The reversed speed x2 file actually sounds more like a Parrot. -GTLargo21-
To me, it sort of sounds like "kilowatt". That may have something to do with the Fluorescent lamps, considering a kilowatt is a unit of electrical measure.-Antimoniter-

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