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Introduction: Background story on why the entries are being posted in the first place.

Entry 1: Alex's point of view, Audio missing. Alex is walking around his house and look outside of a window only to see what is presumably Slender Man.

Entry 2: Alex's point of view. Alex is driving around to find a lampost where he saw a 'strange' man that scared his dog. The tape ends abruptly and cuts off Alex mid-sentence.

Entry 3: Alex's point of view, some visual tears. Alex is acting very strangely and is keeping a camera on himself at all times.

Entry 4: Alex's point of view, Audio missing. Alex is walking around a park at night, the play structure seeming to move on its' own. He meets up with and runs from Slender Man

Entry 5: J's point of view, Audio and Visual tears. J **is filming Alex while scouting locations for **Marble Hornets

Entry 6: Alex's point of view, Audio missing. Alex is wanderingaround his house looking for Slender Man, eventually finding him

Entry 7: Alex's point of view. Alex is recording Brian acting out a scene from Marble Hornets, while Slender Man is creeping around in the background.

Entry 8: Camera's point of view. Alex recording himself drawing stuff in a crazy manner.

Entry 9: Camera's point of view. A scene from Marble Hornets is being recorded, Alex is getting pissed off at everyone, J is apoligizing for stopping the camera's recording, and Sleander Man is chilling around in the background.

Entry 10: Alex's point of view, Audio missing. Alex is running from Slender Man while in a forest.

Entry 11: Camera's point of view. Alex is woken up by something then wanders around his house looking for the disturbance. Upon returning to bed and shutting off the lights, the shadow of something, presumably Slender Man.

Entry 12: Alex's point of view, severe Audio and Visual tears. During a Marble Hornets shoot, the entire group spots Slender Man thinking he'll move later. The clip ends with them approaching Slender Man.

Entry 13: Alex's point of view, slight visual tears. Alex and J are exploring and Alex sends J back to the car to get more tapes for the camera. Alex keeps exploring, finding a symbol (Which is used in some of Alex's drawings seen in previous entries) and running straight into Slender Man.

Entry 14: Camera's point of view. Slender Man enters the room. The entry skips ahead to a short clip of Alex bleeding from his head.

Entry 15: J's point of view. J interviews Tim, saying that it's for Marble Hornets

Entry 16: J's point of view. J goes urban exploring inside a house which he was told he could find Brian. The house shows obvious signs of desertation

Entry 17: Camera's point of view. More Marble Hornets footage. J is being weird, Slender Man's chilling in the background, and J doesn't remember anything on that clip happening.

Entry 18: J's point of view. J goes back to the house in Entry 16. He finds a doll that resembles Slender Man and is attacked by a masked figure, presumably totheark.

Entry 19: Camera's point of view. J talks about filming himself like Alex does in Entries 3 and 8. A clip shows totheark creeping around in J's room.

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