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Decline was posted on April 4, 2013.
It has the description "canyousee
In total, this clip is 0:46 long.

Main Theories and Observations

  • A code appears on a wall at around 0:38: "83 57 03 95 27" followed underneath by "27 35 13 72". This has been decoded to "He will pay" using the Twitter cipher.
  • The message "HAVE YOU MADE ME A LIAR????? OR IS HE GONE" is encoded into the audio at the end of the video and can be seen in a spectrogram.

Further Speculation

  • I took a screenshot of the code, it can be found here. -BarnOwl
  • The music playing in the background is similar or the same to music in other TTA videos - if TTA is a group, this is going back to the old person. TheTimpanist.
  • The video was uploaded on April 4th - Alex's birthday. If we believe what was previously said in a TTA video, then last year was Alex's last birthday. This could tie together very well into "Hoody (TTA) killed Alex in Entry 68". TheTimpanist.
  • Summation of above two theories: The old TTA, still unknown, but most likely a cast member of Marble Hornets threatened Alex it would be his last birthday last year. Sometime between then and now, Hoody joined TTA's side, whatever it is - although it clearly seems beneficial towards Jay. TTA was relying on Hoody to take care of Alex and upload proof onto Jay's channel - giving an explaination for Entry 68 - but it doesn't clarify if Alex is dead or not. This video is not directed at Jay, but directed at Hoody as seen here. The Timpanist.
  • To support the theory that there are multiple members of TTA, in older videos (Messages for example) TTA reffers to itself in the plural, and now in the singular. Perhaps something happened to one of the other members? The only immediate person who comes to mind that is no longer around (besides people who have been missing from the very beginning) are Jessica and the man Alex killed in Entry 49, although it seems unlikely that it would bee ither of the two. ~Moooo4me
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