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Decay was posted on April 4, 2012.
Its description is "011001010110111001100100011010000110100101101101".
It is tagged "marble", "hornets", and "ark".
In total, this clip is 0:57 long.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The description is binary for "endhim"
  • The numbers at 0:45 translate alphanumerically to "no choice"
  • If run through a spectrograph, the noise for the final 7 seconds spells out "Today is Your Last Birthday" with four circles below it.
  • The number "4" in Chinese is associated with death, and shows up a number of times in this video.

Further Speculation

  • Could the ARK be an artifact capable of controlling the Operator?

*I may be very very late with this guess/observation. But could the ark in totheark be Alex (middle name beginning with r) Kralie? This is my first watchthrough so I can't say whether or not this is true, or a spoiler~Wageld

  • Assuming this video is addressing Alex, which is most likely when considering "Today is Your Last Birthday", totheark could be Brian or someone else who wants revenge for what Alex did to them and the other members of the Marble Hornets crew.
  • If this video really is addressing Alex, then this also means in Entry 52, the gunshot did not kill Alex. Since we saw Tim after the events, we can assume that a) there are multiple Masky's and Alex shot that one or b) The bullet did not kill either of them.
    • It is far more likely that B) is true, rather than A). A) presupposes that multiple Masked Men do exist, while there is no concrete evidence to this possibility. The simplest explanation would be that when we first saw Entry #52, we were meant to think that the Masked Man may have shot Alex, while in reality he actually missed. ~Zarggg
  • If anybody's interested, I've written a fairly extensive theory about totheark, Masky, their goals, which heavily includes this video. You can find it on the theories page under TTA/Masky: ~scarl18
  • At 0:45, the numbers 14, 15, 3, 8, 15, 9, 3, and 5 flash 2 or so times in front or behind "Lead me to the ark." The numbers translate to "NO CHOICE," when pairing them with the alphabet. Maybe this means "You have no choice but to lead me to the ark." Seeing as the video is probably directed at Alex, I'm assuming Alex is still alive. - Whisku Aka NoahVanderwood

The image at the end, when the signal plays, resembles a distorted, green eye. This eye is most likely Jay's due to the fact that Jay is the only member of the Marble Hornets crew with green eyes.

at 0:15 the figure standing up is ALEX because of two reasons. Alex's keys can be clearly seen swaying on his belt with similarities to his keys in entry#47.also,the way the figure stands up exactly mirrors alex standing up after chokeing the man in entry#49

The SIR- This seems to be a direct accusation to someone, presumably Alex or perhaps the Operator hismself, there is evidence for both sides.

YOU CAUSED THIS. I interpret "this" as Amy disappearing. this could be Alex's fault for not getting rid of the camera, thus allowing the Operator to find him again. The shot of Alex in the tunnel is fairly straightforward. If it is conjunction with YOU CAUSED THIS, then it implies that it is someone's fault for Alex going mad. This would be the Operator. Alternatively, it is showing us who "You" is: Alex.

YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN. This does confuse me. Who would be doing the forgiving in this situation? Amy? The family of the person Alex killed? Or could it be the missing cast or MarbleHornets, who I think is actually ToTheArk.

HE WILL LEAD ME TO YOU. This is fairly self explanitory. ToTheArk thinks thar Jay will lead them to whoever they are looking for. HE WILL LEAD. I don't quite understand why this line repeats itself. Is it possible that ToTheArk is after two seperate things?

LEAD ME TO DEATH. this line is what made me think that the video could be addressed to the Operator. But then again, Alex seems to be doing all of the killing on the Operator's behalf. Perhaps the video is directed to them both, and ToTheArk has suicidal tendencies?

LEAD ME TO THE ARK. Let's assume for the moment that the theory about the ARK being Alex.R.Kralie is correct. So ToTheArk wants to find Alex. What then, is the point of this video? If this is addressed to Alex, then why would he post it. If ToTheArk thinks that Jay will lead him to Alex, wouldn't it make sense for Alex to simply avoid Jay. I think we're missing something here, I just don't know what it is yet. The SIR.

I don't know if this is the proper place for this, but I just thought of something, maybe it's nothing, but totheark may mean "to the architect" as in the one who planed and started the whole ordeal in the first place. It may be Alex, it may be the Operator, or whoever summoned him in the first place. Just a thought. Deivid

  • In an earlier TTA video, the code seems to have said "Yama" when decoded. Yama is a Hindu or Buddhist god of death; leading someone to "death" may mean leading them to Yama, either his lair or something that allows him to be controlled. ~mytyde

I'm a little new to this wiki, but it seems to me that the video is addressing both Jay and Alex. I think "YOU CAUSED THIS" and "YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN" are directed at Alex, referring to Amy's disappearance and murdering the man in the tunnel. "HE WILL LEAD ME TO YOU" could be a message for both, meant as a warning for Alex and a message that Jay now no longer has a choice in the matter. "LEAD ME TO DEATH" could be an order to Jay because totheark may plan on killing someone. Assuming that Alex's middle name begins with an "R", then "YOU HAVE NO CHOICE" and "LEAD ME TO THE ARK" is a direct message to Jay, telling him to lead totheark to Alex, potentially to kill him. "Today is your last birthday" lends itself to that interpretation. And finally, "ALWAYS WATCHING" clearly is directed at both Jay and Alex and refers to totheark's strange habit of knowing everything about both of them. - Taliko

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