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Classified was posted on August 15th, 2011.
It has the description "[][]".
In total, this clip is 0:18 long.

Main Theories and Observations

* "I saw it" could be in reference to the Operator or the tape. "Do you know what he did?" could be referencing something to do with the Operator or something on the tape. ~mytyde

The numbers shown are:
19 14 9 23 20 5 8 20
21 54 57 54 36 33 24 54 96 96
42 30 6 42 51 21 72 21

Alphanumerically the first line is "sniwteht"
When the second two lines are reversed and divided by 3 they alphanumerically read as "wwonkuoydo" and "didehtahw".
Reversing those three lines and putting them together reveals the message: "The twins do you know what he did"

Further Speculation

  • This video can be wielded as more evidence to the theory that Masky and Hoodie are both united against Alex, but not against Jay.
  • "The twins" could be a message from them to Jay, saying that the two of them are working against Alex.
  • "Do you know what he did" could also be another message to Jay, referring to the acts of Alex in Entry 49. This might be a warning.
  • This could be ToTheArk's way of identifying himself as Hoodie. Other pieces of evidence we have so far stem from Intermission and Entry 41. ~Moooo4me
  • Also, if you look at the beginning of the video you will see red letters behind a series of zeros. When you look closer at the hidden red letters, it says "I know you're there."

After pausing the eye at the end, I am almost 100% certain that is Sarah's eye. It almost looks like Tim's eye, but compare it to Sarah's in Entry #9. If it is Sarah's eye, that either means that A) she is saying in this totheark response that she saw what happened, whatever this vid is referencing, maybe what happened in the tunnel or a different act concerning some twins. It would also put her as a definite part of totheark. Or it could be that totheark is referring with "I saw it" as to what happened to Sarah. Either way, I'm pretty convinced it's Sarah's eye at the end.

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