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Broadcast was posted on February 26th, 2011.
It has the description "are you drowning".
In total, this clip is 0:14 long.

An exact transcript is probably impossible, due to the fact that everything about this clip is very open to interpretation.


The visuals are a wavy and fluid, as if they were shot underwater. It seems to be a black and white video, with reddish blurring at the edges of the black and bluish blurring at the edges of the white. The angle of the image suggests that the point of view is from the ground plane, looking upwards at the sky. Some trees can be possibly be seen in the periphery, as can a possible figure standing on the right side. A second figure may be visible standing at the top of the image, but this is difficult to say with a degree of certainty.


The sound is a garbled mess, but it seems to be the voice of a person speaking through heavy distortion. It does not appear to be played backwards, as reversing the audio produces no results. The words are difficult to discern, but the best translations are available in the Speculation section below.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The wavy quality of the visuals might suggest that either this was filmed underwater, or that it was intended to look as if it was filmed underwater. Alternately, the same or a similar effect could be achieved by filming a reflection upon water.
  • The shapes in the background appear to be a figure, to the left, and trees beyond. The figure is far too ambiguous to positively identify.
    • There is some speculation that the posture suggests that the figure is the Operator.
    • There may be a second figure to the left, mostly obscured by whatever else is in frame there.
  • This video pins totheark as a menacing figure, although exactly who this video is directed at is uncertain and would partially depend on who totheark is.
    • If totheark is Alex, this video could be directed at Tim, considering the previous video ("Enjoying watching you suffer").
    • If totheark is Tim, or the video is directed towards Jay, it could be taunting Jay about his struggle to remember the seven months, prompting Jay to actually state his own theory of who totheark is ("do you know me?"), and telling him that Tim will always be able to recognize, find or keep tabs on him ("I will always know you").
    • Considering the title of the video, and ignoring the issue of who totheark is, the video could be directed at all of the viewers ("Broadcast"), rather than just Jay, in that we're all struggling to figure out the mystery.

The Audio

  • The audio is extremely garbled, but some cleanup has made it fairly clear: AdrianHD posts a cleanup of the audio here.
    • "Enjoying watch(ing) you suffer. Will you know me? I will always know you."
  • NoMoreGaems discovered that the audio from Broadcast was created using "Mike" at the AT&T Text to Speech generator.
  • The fact that totheark asks "do you know me?" after he knows that Tim has been definitively de-masked might be interpreted as evidence that totheark is not, in fact, Tim.

Connections to Other Videos

  • The red/cyan effect can also be seen on totheark's Signal Video which suggests a connection between the two clips.
  • Their titles also suggest a connection between the two videos: signals are broadcast.
  • The water motif calls to a number of other totheark videos, and the idea of drowning could specifically tie into the Operator video.

Further Speculation

Another version of the cleaned up audio is available on Youtube (courtesy of AkoolStick), & seems to support the above interpretation by AdrianHD. A possibly better fit would be "[I'm] Enjoying watching you suffer. Do you know me? I will always know you." Another similar version is available here, courtesy of Monp787.

Also, it seems likely that the video is actually a shot of a small pool of water taken from above, & the image is actually of the pool's reflective surface, rather than a shot from below the surface. Cameras that can be used underwater are very expensive, & not readily available to the public. Whatever resources that totheark may possess, access to an underwater camera is perhaps a bit unlikely. ~ Zeta Kai

I believe that it's shot from inside the distortion hole from Entry 21. The camera was placed inside the hole, with grass and trees being visible around the edges. Also, the large silhouette on the right is either the Operator or totheark. ~JTHopkins13

At first it sounds like "issue, issue" then "no, no". Though through the distortion it's difficult to understand. ~iWantToBelieve

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