Brian was the lead actor in Marble Hornets, and a friend of both Alex Kralie and Tim. His character in the film was a college student, who comes back to his hometown to mend his relationship with Sarah and Tim, his old high school friends. Brian, like most of the Marble Hornet's crew plays a character of the same name. Brian first appears in Entry 7.


Brian is an easy going guy, but remains cautious. He doesn't like to break rules, and is a bit of a joker.

Apparences in the series

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Brian is one of the people suspected to be the Hooded Man, on fan forums he is one of the most likely candidates. Entry #84 suports this theory

It is mentioned that Brian is Tim's first real friend.

It is possible that Brian went missing (or "gone") some point between Entry 7 and 17. ~ Makdee

There has been some speculation that Brian may have been working with Tim to create the totheark youtube account. That even Tim could have killed Brian. But this is a rather unpopular theory as the evidence is very circumstantial, only that Brian appears in the Advocate Video and the bullet casing found in his home.

Could the blood seen in The House be Brian's?

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