Alex Kralie

Alex Kralie was a film student and friend of Jay, He was the writer, director, and producer of his 2006 student film Marble Hornets, He orginally had a sarcastic yet still friendly attitude, but in the middle of filming, he become very irritable and started showing obsessive behavior which caused the filming of Marble Hornets to halt. As Jay reviewed the tapes, he found that Alex had been filming himself constantly and continually drew messages and warnings on paper strewn around is home and was being stalked by an unknown entity later referred to as The Operator. Alex is first introduced in Introduction.


Alex Kralie was fun and social, however after his encounters with The Operator his personality turned erratic and increasingly aggressive. His actions seem to sometimes even surprises himself.

Appearances and Mentions in Series

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In Introduction Alex is introduced, and is shown to be the previous owner of the tapes.

In Entry 1 Alex is going around his house, and spots a figure on his front porch.

In Entry 2 Alex is driving around having previously been on the road with his dog. He is looking for a tall figure he saw earlier near a lamppost.

In Entry 3 Alex can be seen showing his obsessive behavior of filming himself at all time.

In Entry 4 Alex is running around a playground at night seeming to be seeking or running from something.

In Entry 5 Jay films Alex as they go location scouting.

In Entry 6 Alex is again running about his house trying to locate the figure that seems to be stalking his house. (Appears to be the same night as Entry 1)

In Entry 7 a clip from the filming of Marble Hornets; Alex films his friend Brian but cuts the shoot short when he notices The Operator behind him.

In Entry 8 Alex continues to draw strange messages in charcoal on paper. Most of the pictures are of trees, tall figures and warnings.

In Entry 9 Alex is shown acting very aggressive on set of Marble Hornets

In Entry 10 Alex is running around the a forest with a flashlight. As he shines it around he spots what appears to be the Operator and he runs.

In Entry 11 Alex is laying in bed, after some sort of disturbance that is unknown. He goes down stairs after turning off the lights and looks out some of his windows. He sees nothing, and runs back upstairs and goes back to sleep.

In Deluge you can hear Alex's name being said backwards slowly.

In Entry 12 Alex walks with Brian for a practice shot. When Tim arrives. He starts walking toward The Operator standing in the way of the shot, but seems to have no idea what or who it is.

In Entry 13 Alex asks Jay to get extra batteries from his car, while Jay is gone, he has an encounter with The Operator.

In Entry 14 In the second part of this Entry Alex can be seen sitting in front of his camera, covered in blood. He does move till an alarm goes off telling him to change the tape.

In Entry 15 Jay asks Tim about Alex.

In Entry 17 Alex, Tim, and Jay go over a scene from Marble Hornets.

In Entry 20 Alex and Jay are giving a behind the scenes introduction, when Tim arrives appealingly sick.

In Entry 22 Alex is being filmed by Seth. They go around an underground building which appears to be a pipe room. After calling out Seth's name, the view changes to Alex sitting alone in a room, recounting his friends as gone, and saying he will burn the tape.

In Warning there is drawn footage of the Masked Man and a doll turning its head, with a message in the beginning say it was by Alex.

In Entry 26 dated to be April 4, 2010. Alex's girlfriend finds Amy finds alex's camera, after arguing about turning it off and why it was there, they have an encounter with The Operator.

In Fragments There is a torn up picture of Alex.

In Entry 35 after the Missing Seven Months Jay runs in to Alex. The Masked Man appears and attacks Alex. Alex tries to stab him after unmasking him, but when Jay doesn't hand him the knife, he appears to slam a rock on the Masked Man.

In Entry 36 Alex tells Jay to lay low, and admits to sending the tape to the hotel in Entry 26.

In Sidetone you can hear Alex's voicemail message.

In enttry 37 a video can be seen of Alex's fourth birthday.

In Entry 38 Jay follows Alex through the forest, and tells him a myth of what used to go on there.

In Entry 39 Alex calls Jay and tells him to meet him at Rosswood Park.

In Entry 42 Alex using the chest cam arrives at Rosswood and finds that Jay encountered The Operator and lost his camera.

In Entry 43 Alex and Jay investigate the house Alex escaped from in Entry 26. Later in the entry it just becomes Alex by himself, wandering through Rosswood and encountering The Operator.

In Entry 44 Alex gets taken by the The Operator

In Entry 45 Alex is attacked by the Hooded Man and the Masked Man who then suddenly retreat.

In Entry 46 Alex catches Jay breaking into his house, after taking out the trash.

In Entry 47 Alex and Jay have an altercation outside Jay's car. The footage continues from Entry 47.

In Entry 48 Jay stalks Alex.

In Entry 49 Alex goes to the Tunnel in Rosswood Park, and then attacks a man who asks him for help. Then [[The Operator]]] appears.

In Entry 50 Alex takes Jay to Rosswood Park continuing from the events of Entry 38. Alex agrees to leave the forest and tells Jay to bring Jessica next time. Then Jay breaks in to Alex's apartment again.

In Entry 51 Alex is with Brian filming B-roll for Marble Hornets and end up in an old abandoned Hospital. After being separated Brian searches for Alex.

In Entry 52 Alex takes Jay and Jessica to a farm house in Rosswood and tries to shoot them.

In Entry 55 Alex, Brian and Tim discuss potential filming locations.

In Entry 64, Alex is heard calling Jay to tell him and Tim to leave the tunnel in Rosswood Park. In Entry 67, Alex is seen in the Hospital and is assaulted by the Hooded Man and Tim directly following the events of Entry.

In Entry 56 Alex and Tim search around the abandoned building Tim had recommended.

In Entry 67 Footage from a tape left by the Hooded Man Alex is shown being tied up and attacked by Tim. Then the person holding the camera points the gun that was in Alex's possession at him, and the Operator appears.

In Entry 70 Footage from one of the Burned Tapes shows Alex driving and talking to Amy on his phone.

In Entry 71 Footage from one of the Burned Tapes shows Alex giving Jay the tapes, but it is different then the description in Introduction.

In Entry 72 it takes place in Alex's old house from back in 2006.

In entry 73 Alex comes down from the Attic at Tim's, while the Hooded Man runs off.

In Entry 76 Alex lures Jessica to the tunnel, and tries to shoot her.

In Entry 79 Jay finds a wall that says "Find Alex, Find the Ark."

In Entry 80 Alex finds Jay and shoots him.

In Entry 85 after Tim posting in Twitter he'll be waiting for Alex to show up, Alex arrives at Tim's house. While blaming Tim for being the "source" of everybody else disappearances, Alex sets the house on fire.

In Entry 86 takes place the final confrontation between Alex and Tim. Alex is killed by Tim out of self defense.. It is reveladed that Alex's true motivations was to eliminate everyone involved with the Operator to keep it to spreading to other people. However, The Operator is likely using Alex to this goal to spread further, and Alex has unknowingly been causing more havoc than intended.


Alex's middle name does not start with R. His initials are confirmed to not be A.R.K.

If Alex was only 5 or 6 in in enttry 37, he wouldn't yet be living near Rosswood or the other park, as the original Something Awful thread says that Alex was 8 when he moved to that area. The Operator is not tied just to those parks then, he was following Alex before Alex was connected to them. ~ Kaylee2014

Based on enttry 37, it can probably be assumed that his birthday is April 4th. His birth year is probably 1982, 1983, or 1984. ~ Zeta Kai

According to the number of candles on the cake in the video, Alex would have been five or six years old at the time, making his birth year 1985 or 1986. ~ Zarggg

Based on the entries leading up to Entry 52, particularly the entries where The Operator is seen in Alex's house (but Alex does not run away) and the entry where Alex kills the man in the tunnel (and The Operator disposes of the body), I strongly believe that Alex is working with the Operator, likely to lead Jay into a trap. ~MrAnon515

Maybe his surname is a pun: "Kralie", splitted into two words remains in "Lie" and "Kra". If we mirror "Kra" it puts to "Ark", resembling to totheark. ~ Stickend

Judging by the events in Entry 82 where after surviving an Operator encounter Jay becomes violent and attacks Tim in Entry 77 one can conclude that Alex's violent tendencies might of been influenced by the Operator. ~ Team Player

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