Alex Kralie

Alex Kralie was a film student and friend of Jay, He was the writer, director, and producer of his 2006 student film Marble Hornets, He orginally had a sarcastic yet still friendly attitude, but in the middle of filming, he become very irritable and started showing obsessive behavior which caused the filming of Marble Hornets to halt. As Jay reviewed the tapes, he found that Alex had been filming himself constantly and continually drew messages and warnings on paper strewn around is home and was being stalked by an unknown entity later referred to as The Operator. Alex is first introduced in Introduction.


Alex Kralie was fun and social, however after his encounters with The Operator his personality turned erratic and increasingly aggressive. His actions seem to sometimes even surprise himself.

Appearances and Mentions in Series

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Alex's middle name does not start with R. His initials are confirmed to not be A.R.K.

If Alex was only 5 or 6 in in enttry 37, he wouldn't yet be living near Rosswood or the other park, as the original Something Awful thread says that Alex was 8 when he moved to that area. The Operator is not tied just to those parks then, he was following Alex before Alex was connected to them. ~ Kaylee2014

Based on enttry 37, it can probably be assumed that his birthday is April 4th. His birth year is probably 1982, 1983, or 1984. ~ Zeta Kai

According to the number of candles on the cake in the video, Alex would have been five or six years old at the time, making his birth year 1985 or 1986. ~ Zarggg

Based on the entries leading up to Entry 52, particularly the entries where The Operator is seen in Alex's house (but Alex does not run away) and the entry where Alex kills the man in the tunnel (and The Operator disposes of the body), I strongly believe that Alex is working with the Operator, likely to lead Jay into a trap. ~MrAnon515

Maybe his surname is a pun: "Kralie", splitted into two words remains in "Lie" and "Kra". If we mirror "Kra" it puts to "Ark", resembling to totheark. ~ Stickend

Judging by the events in Entry 82 where after surviving an Operator encounter Jay becomes violent and attacks Tim in Entry 77 one can conclude that Alex's violent tendencies might of been influenced by the Operator. ~ Team Player

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