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Admission was uploaded on January 15, 2010, as a video reply to Entry #16.
Its description is "+".
It is tagged with "marble", "hornets", &"ark."
In total, this clip is 0:43 long.

Grainy, distorted footage appears to show the Operator moving across a window with slatted blinds, and then shows a half-door in a hallway opening, and then slamming shut again. The video ends with the text "there are doors unopened".

Main Theories and Observations

  • The "doors unopened" may refer to the locked rooms in the house.
  • The half-door that opens and closes is very likely the half-door in the hallway of the house as seen in Entry #16, the cabinet with "BONE" spraypainted inside of it. The same style of slatted blinds are also seen when Jay enters the house. The footage, therefore, is probably from the house.
  • The general consensus is that the figure moving in front of the slatted blinds is the Operator, due to the strange angle of his head and the odd "gliding" quality of his gait. However, this is not 100% certain, due to the discrepancy between his height here (shorter than the apparent doorway) and in other videos (having to duck to enter the door).
    • If it is the Operator, he seems oblivious to the camera, or perhaps the person wielding it.
  • Admission can mean two things: an admission of something, such as a crime, or admission to something, such as a theme park or a club.
    • SundayRevival suggests that in this case, it could mean both: a confession from totheark that there are important things still to find in the house, and a note to Jay that he will be given entry to them.

Relationships to Other Videos

  • The "+" as the description of this video could be pointing us to the totheark video Addition, thus reinforcing the location as the house.

Further Speculation

The head angle looks like it belongs to the Slender Man, but it could be anyone. ~ Dav Flamerock

This could be an "Admission" thta TTA wants Jay to return, and could even be impatience on his/her/their behalf because Jay has not acted after Attention, which also seems to imply that he/she/them wants to help Jay, but cannot do it directly for some reason, possibly fear of the Operator or Alex. If my theory that TTA is them issing MH crew members, then Alex probably thinks he's seen that last of them, which would explain this indirect, cryptic form of help. The SIR.

If this did take place in Brian's house, and we accept that this is an admission to that house from TTA, it seems to me that as the time when this was shot, TTA was likely staying in that house. He left the camera out to film the Operator, and the door half opening is him in the closet which he was hiding in to peek out. ~Moooo4me

Due to the elevation of most houses from the ground, I would say that was almost definitely The Operator outside. Even though he did apear to be
shorter. - LOK

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