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Addition was uploaded on October 21, 2009.
It is a video reply to Entry 16.
Its description is "//eyes\\".
It is tagged with "marble", "hornets", & "ark".
In total, this clip is 0:16 long.

The video is grainy footage of Jay during his coughing fit in Entry 16.

At 00:13 a black screen with fuzzy text reads:


Speculation & Analysis

The slowed down audio has been identified as J saying "Alex? Brian?" when he entered the house in Entry 16. There is also a sound like a film reel in the audio, similar to the sounds in the program. ~ Dav Flamerock

So obviously TTA is watching Jay. But for what reason? The SIR.

It seems to be a running pattern in TTA's videos to repeat messages over and over - see Deluge (repetitions of the audio 'Alex') and Program (the '0' code repeating three times). -ResearcherTeague

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