Abandoned Building

The abandoned building in Rosswood is near the hospital. Tim seemed more wary of it than the hospital, but agreed to show it to Jay. This location has also been called "the annex."


Below are the videos that feature the abandoned building.

Entry #51

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Alex and Brian are doing filming for Marble Hornets by rail-road tracks. They then move to an abandoned building and Alex films more footage of Brian. The Operator appears and the footage distorts. The footage restarts with the camera on the ground. Brian picks up the camera and searches the building and calling for Alex, who is nowhere to be seen. Brian discovers Tim coughing uncontrollably in the corner of a room. The Operator appears in the doorway and the footage freezes again. The camera is once again on the ground and a body is seen being dragged out the door of the room. Someone then picks up the camera and leaves the building.

Entry #57

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Tim wakes up in the abandoned building after the events of Entry #56 and runs from Alex.

Entry #58

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Tim and Jay visit Rosswood. Tim wants to show Jay the hospital but Jay insists on looking at the abandoned building. He sees the hooded man and tries to follow him.

Entry #60

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Jay returns to the abandoned hospital alone. While exploring the maintenance tunnel the Hooded Man led him to in Entry 58, Jay finds a folder containing some of Tim's old medical records near a slender doll. Jay then encounters the Operator in the tunnel and quickly leaves, taking the doll and the records with him.

Entry #65

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Entry #65 chronicles Tim's point of view complementary to Entry #64. He runs through Rosswood and drives to the abandoned hospital, where he seems to be psychologically tortured by the Operator. He makes Jay agree to visit the hospital.

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